Hilde Osland Shows Voluminous Cleavage Via The Sexy Norwegian Model’s Latest Instagram Post

Instagram model Hilde Osland poses for a selfie on Instagram
Hildee / Instagram

Hilde Osland looks awesome no matter what she wears — or doesn’t wear, for that matter.

The curvy Norwegian’s latest Instagram post was taken at golden time in Bali. In the two-picture pack, she sat on the sand in front of the ocean while spending time at Pererenan Beach. When she visited this Indonesia hot spot, she posed while staring into the camera right in front of the setting sun.

The delicious light embraced the 31-year-old beauty’s entire being, from her dazzling blue eyes to her see-through crop top. That part of her ensemble was very brief and very sexy, her ample cleavage showing for all to see thanks to its center tie that held her breasts in place.

In the first shot, as she put her left hand up to highlight her top-notch hairdo, Hilde’s blonde locks looked a bit messy, resembling a bedhead in outdoor circumstances.

Her makeup was on point, with peachy lipstick being the primary statement of her clean face’s natural look. She also wore a bit of neutral eyeshadow, as well as a pair of hoop earrings.

However, most eyes who followed this shot automatically looked at the Instagram model’s outstanding body. The two-piece ensemble she rocked for her most recent post instead of her usual bikini allowed plenty of skin to be revealed. That included her brief shorts, which allowed her tanned and fit thighs to give way to envious yet complimentary comments.

One of her 1.4 million followers said, “Bali looks good on you,”

Another simply relayed, “Goddess,” followed by three heart-face emoji.

Others spoke about Hilde’s lovely outfit on July 30. The coordinating top and bottoms had a tie-dyed look as the fresh fabric supplied muted turquoise and peach hues against a stark white background.

“You and your island colors,” exclaimed one admirer who added a slew of emoji including clapping hands, roses, red lips, and kissy faces.

Another stated, “Stunning outfit…more stunning vista…most stunning Hilde!!”

This comment was followed by a sunglasses-faced emoji and another emoji indicating musical notes.


In the second shot of the two-shot entry, the buxom blonde stood up, her bare and taut stomach as tan as the rest of her body.

Hilde seems to upload about three Instagram posts each day, some more provocative than others but all very appealing in a very provocative way.

This jet-setter seems to be on the go almost all the time. Recently, the impossibly beautiful Scandinavian has posted on social media from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, as well as Banff and Kelowna, Alberta, Canada.

Currently, Hilde Osland is in Bali, Indonesia, but the shapely model is bound to be off somewhere else very soon, so stay tuned!