July 30, 2019
Bikini Modeling 'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Flaunts Jaw-Dropping Gym Body Ahead Of Series Return

The clock is ticking for Mackenzie McKee. The 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 alum is set to return to screens next week with a reprisal on the MTV franchise. As The Inquisitr reports, Mackenzie's appearance on Teen Mom OG has already come with a sneak preview.

Reality television may be a part of this 24-year-old's life, but something else proves a huge deal for Mackenzie. The mother of three is an absolute gym nut. Mackenzie's Instagram bio introduces her status as a "fitness model," although fans familiar with this Oklahoma native will know that her pro activities have recently taken her into bikini modeling. June saw the blonde prep herself for a bikini competition that came complete with plenty of muscle flaunting and a tiny red-and-white two-piece.

Mackenzie may not have donned her bikini for her Instagram update over the weekend, but she wasn't hiding her jaw-dropping gym body. In fact, her update came straight from a workout room.

Mackenzie's photos showed her with husband Josh McKee as they put themselves through their paces with dumbbells. Mackenzie was pretty much knocking the cameras dead in her tiny pink sports bra and black shorts. A photo showing the couple after their sweat session even showed Mackenzie appearing to flaunt her insane muscles. To be fair, this girl has a lot to flaunt.

Josh likewise appeared fit and buffed-up. His white shorts and sneakers were the only clothing being donned, although much like his wife, this man comes with a physique that's worth the clothing removal. Josh's sweat-drenched body seemed to be evidence that working out is a regular deal for him, although fans of this couple will know that they're regular workout buddies.When it comes to Mackenzie's gym-toned body, there's more than meets the eye, though. Mackenzie is Type 1 diabetic, and the battle to keep blood sugars stable is an everyday reality for this star. It's also something that Mackenzie will mention in her social media captions. An Instagram update made earlier this month came captioned with how Mackenzie feels with regards to her condition.
"Some days are harder than others, I am slowly learning to accept type 1 diabetes. I honestly don't mind all daily needles and pokes, but being sick is miserable. Anyways, it's been a rough two weeks. But nothing will stop me, I'm finding my fire, I'm pushing through, and I'm climbing to the top when they said I couldn't."
Mackenzie's Instagram also showcases her family life. Together with Josh, Mackenzie is a parent to children Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs.