Alcohol Reportedly Prevents Thomas Ravenel From Caring For His Kids, Says Custody Deposition

Kathryn Dennis at her brother's wedding
Kathryn Dennis / Dennis Family

Court documents from the custody battle of Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis versus her ex, former politician Thomas Ravenel, continue to leak, and recent deposition detail reports indicate that the former reality star struggles to care for his children without a nanny.

The Blast obtained court documents in which Dennis shared a story of Ravenel dropping Kensie as a baby into the pool during a party after drinking too much. Dennis explains that she filed for custody of the children because of Ravenel’s arrest and his reported drinking problem. In the court records, the Southern Charm star explains that when they were together, Ravenel would always start drinking at 5 p.m. at the latest.

When Ravenel was on Southern Charm, he often had a drink in hand, and he was arrested in 2014, according to Politico, for DUI.

In a statement to the court, Kathryn admitted that while she was with Ravenel, there were good times, but the bad times were often very bad.

“I was in love with Thomas, and we would have good periods in our relationship mixed by very bad periods. He liked to control me and when we got into arguments, typically after he had been drinking too much, and he’d throw me and Kensie out of the house late at night or in the early morning hours.”

Dennis, as well as the family nanny at the time, agreed that the former state treasurer, who spent 10 months in federal prison for possessing and dealing cocaine, did not want to play a role in parenting the children and employed domestic help full time.

The nanny testified under oath that the 57-year-old father of two had their first child overnight by himself “and he got so drunk that he put Kensie’s pajamas on over her regular clothes.” Dennis stated that “he [Ravenel] was still in bed with empty liquor bottles or wine bottles floating around the home when Dawn arrived at his house to a screaming baby – but he did make it to his polo match later in the day.”

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Dennis recalled another incident when Ravenel got angry that she bought and decorated a tree for Kensie’s first Christmas because he had said it was a waste of money. When he returned home he threw the small tree, breaking the ornaments. She also lamented the time when the failed politician “masturbated on my back while I was asleep because he was mad at me for rejecting his advances (because I was exhausted and pregnant)” and claims “I also discovered that he had been watching muscleman [male bodybuilders] porn that night.”

According to Post & Courier, at the end of their relationship, Dennis’ friend Lauren Moser accused Ravenel of assaulting her on the same night he fell into the pool in the dark while holding his daughter, who was then a toddler.

Moser took a video of the event which included stills of a naked Ravenel yelling and running through the house on Charlotte Street in Charleston. Dennis’ friend pressed charges with the police but dropped them within two weeks after an agreement was made in reference to what actually happened.