Sara Underwood Lets It All Hang Out In Icelandic Hot Springs

Sara Underwood's latest post to Instagram was all about natural beauty. In a series of photos, the model could be seen basking scantily clad in several hot springs she visited while on a recent trip to Iceland.

The first photo showed Underwood in a spring wearing a bathing suit with a plunging neckline that showed plenty of cleavage. Wearing natural makeup, the actress gave the camera a sultry look as she stood in water that came up to her chest. With steam rising all around her in the pool of blue water, the scene was idyllic.

In the second photo, Underwood sat in a much smaller spring. In fact, it looked to be only big enough for only one person. The model appeared to be topless in the snap as she relaxed in water that just covered her breasts. With her eyes closed, Underwood appeared to be taking in the surroundings. Situated in a sandy terrain with picturesque mountains in the background, the snap was otherworldly.

The third photo in the set showed Underwood sitting on the edge of a rock on a cliff overlooking a clear pool of blue water. Taken from above, Underwood could be seen peering down into the cave-like formation. Wearing a bathing suit, the model's bronzed skin shined in the sun.

In the fourth snap, Underwood was in a hot spring that with a mountainside in the background. The model appeared to be lifting herself out of the steamy water in a thong bikini. The pose gave her followers a nice view of her derrière, as well as the scenic beauty of the landscape.

In the post's caption, Underwood asked her fans which hot spring they would rather soak in. Dozens of fans answered with their preferred spring, while others said they couldn't make up their minds. One thing is clear — the photos got plenty of attention. The post had more than 60,000 likes and 500 comments just an hour after going live.

Underwood loves sharing her outdoor experiences with her followers. From making tiny cabins to hiking in the wilderness, she is an outdoor girl. She appears to love travel and comes up with some amazing shots that capture nature's beauty as well as her own good looks.Her 9.2 million followers seem to love that fact that she shares a little bit of her life with them.

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