‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Drew Challenges Shiloh As He Digs For The Truth, But Obstacles Arise

'General Hospital' stars Billy Miller as Drew Cain.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that Wednesday’s show will be a juicy one. After months of dancing around the topic of Shiloh and Drew’s past, the storyline is finally moving forward, and fans are anxious to see where this heads.

During Tuesday’s episode, viewers watched as Drew considered digging to find out the truth about his prior relationship with Shiloh. He doesn’t remember the time they spent together in Afghanistan, but fans have learned that the two were not on good terms. As Drew considered how to push forward, Shiloh paid someone to steal the flash drive that contains Drew’s old memories.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode indicate that Shiloh and Drew will have a chat, and it looks like things will be tense. Drew will mention that he has nothing but time, surely as he tells Shiloh that he plans to find out what the truth is about their prior relationship.

Shiloh may feel pretty confident heading into this conversation, knowing that he has the flash drive that could restore Drew’s memories. However, Kim and Drew noticed someone else’s name in the records they read through and that person could provide another avenue for the truth to emerge.

Curtis showed up at the Aurora offices during Tuesday’s episode and saw that someone had gone through Drew’s files. Chances are, it probably will not take Drew long to figure out that the flash drive is gone.

Will Drew immediately suspect that Shiloh took the flash drive? There aren’t many other likely suspects at this point, and Drew is becoming quite suspicious of the Dawn of Day leader.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Drew will face a new obstacle of sorts during Wednesday’s show. Later in the week, Drew and Curtis will meet up and General Hospital spoilers tease that next week he’ll reach out to Sonny.


How juicy will this storyline get as it moves forward? As The Inquisitr recently detailed, actor Billy Miller has confirmed that he is leaving General Hospital. Spoilers have not revealed a final airdate for Billy in the role of Drew yet, but it seems likely to be coming within the next few weeks.

At this point, it appears likely that this evolving storyline between Drew and Shiloh will pave the way for Billy Miller’s exit. It’s not known yet how this departure will be written, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that the actor will finally get some meaty scenes to tackle on his way out the door.