Luke P. Deadlifts & Squats Heavy Weight, Channeling Energy Away From ‘The Bachelorette’

Hannah Brown's controversial suitor had an interesting reaction to her windmill revelation.

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette
John Fleenor / ABC

Hannah Brown's controversial suitor had an interesting reaction to her windmill revelation.

Luke Parker’s head has not exploded, but his muscles just might. Hannah Brown’s controversial Bachelorette suitor has remained uncharacteristically quiet in the aftermath of Monday’s live finale of the ABC reality show, and he seems to be taking his frustrations out in the gym.

During the first half of the two-part finale, Hannah made the shocking admission that she had sex with now-rejected suitor Peter Weber four times in a windmill during their Fantasy Suite date in Greece. Luke—a devout Christian who does not believe in sex outside of marriage—previously blasted Hannah for her actions, and host Chris Harrison predicted that “somewhere Luke P.’s head just exploded” following Hannah’s clarification that she did it four times with Peter instead of her previously announced two.

Instead of posting photos of his exploding head, Luke P. headed to his Instagram Story where he posted clips of his workout. In a series of sessions, Luke deadlifts 465 pounds then tosses the barbell to the ground. The Bachelorette star also shows himself doing squats with heavy weights as part of an intense workout routine.

Luke also posted a photo of his intense gym workout to Instagram in which he compared his hard training to how it relates to other aspects of his life. In his post, Luke noted that over time a person’s body can “adapt to carry the load or run the distance,” and added that the same principle applies to life as people grow from their struggles.


Luke’s Bachelorette-related posts have been less frequent as he focuses on moving on. He has not posted to Twitter at all since last week. Yet, after his blowout with Hannah aired on the After the Final Rose episode, Luke took to Instagram to admit that Hannah told him she was committed to living a life in pursuit of Jesus and that she wasn’t going to use the Fantasy Suites for sex no matter how ABC made it look. Luke has claimed that some of his most important conversations with Hannah about religion and sex did not air on the ABC reality show.

After Hannah’s revelation that she had sex in a windmill during her Fantasy Suite dates, Luke told The Bachelorette: Men Tell All host Chris Harrison that he realized she’s not the woman for him. While he was known for his short temper on The Bachelorette—the controversial contestant even threw a slice of bologna at one of his rivals during an argument—Luke’s posts since that time have been mostly focused on his workouts and fitness routine as he seemingly channels his energy in a new way.

The Bachelorette finale airs Tuesday, July 30 on ABC.