‘The View’s’ Sunny Hostin Slams Ben Carson For Silence After President Trump Attacks Baltimore

Host & executive producer Sunny Hostin of 'Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin' speaks onstage during the Investigation Discovery portion of the Discovery, Inc.'s Summer 2019 TCA Tour. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson speaks after U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order establishing a White House Council on eliminating regulatory barriers to affordable housing.
Amanda Edwards/Mark Wilson / Getty Images

The View star Sunny Hostin slammed Housing and Urban Development Secretary and former Baltimore resident Ben Carson for maintaining a deafening silence after President Donald Trump criticized the city of Baltimore, Maryland over the weekend in a series of tweets. During his Twitter blitz, the president also attacked Elijah Cummings, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee and U.S. representative for Maryland’s 7th congressional district.

Hostin was furious during a Hot Topics discussion about the events that transpired over the weekend of July 27-28 where Trump posted a series of tweets about the conditions in Baltimore among other issues. In one tweet, Trump noted of Cummings, “His district is considered the worst in the USA.”

Trump then called Baltimore “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” and a “very dangerous and filthy place.”

ABC Legal Analyst Hostin was enraged because of HUD Secretary Carson’s silence over the tweets.

“I’m calling out Ben Carson who spent the majority of his career in West Baltimore. Ben, I have been to your house. I know you lived in Baltimore. As a member of [Trump’s] senior cabinet, where is Ben? Why is he not calling it? He’s in charge of housing for the Trump administration. Where are you? Why are you not defending Baltimore?” Hostin fired back, reported ABC News.

The View co-host stated that she lived in Baltimore, met her husband in Baltimore and her son Gabriel was born there. Her ties to the city are strong.

The Washington Post reported that President Trump was spurred to vent his frustration on the social media platform after tuning into Fox News on Saturday and watching a segment on Fox & Friends Weekend where footage was shown of garbage and run-down buildings in the district Cumming represents. The paper also claimed that Trump was angry at Cummings over his part in the investigation of his businesses and for his opposition against Trump’s border wall.

Hostin is regularly critical of Donald Trump’s actions, always hopeful that the tone will change within the White House to one of more inclusivity and sensitivity towards many of the most important issues facing the country today.


Prior to her work on The View, Hostin was a legal analyst for CNN where she hosted the weekly segment, “Sunny’s Law,” which answered viewer questions on various legal topics. As a federal prosecutor, Sunny received an award for her work by former Attorney General Janet Reno for her prosecution of child sexual predators and work with child sex abuse reported her official site. She was also an ABC News anchor and regularly appeared on Fox News on The O’Reilly Factor where she gave her point of view on the “Is It Legal” segment of the show.

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