Jessica Alba’s Hacked Again By Person Asking For ‘One Percent’ Of Her Fortune

Jessica Alba arrives at the 59th Monte Carlo TV Festival : TV Series Party on June 15, 2019 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Jessica Alba is having a bad week. First, her Twitter account was taken over by a hacker, and now her Instagram account has suffered a similar fate. According to Page Six, the Fantastic Four star’s account was hacked by someone posting pro-Nazi Germany messages and asking for “just one percent” of her fortune.

Normally, Alba has images promoting her Honest Co. products and snaps of her, her family, and her friends. But on Tuesday morning, her account was looking decidedly different. It was filled with messages of support for YNW Melly, a rapper who is facing murder charges in Florida, and a message defending Nazi Germany.

“Nazi Germany is innocent no matter what y’all say I swear to God,” the hacker wrote.

The hacker also praised Alba, saying that they loved her movies and featured several images of Alba in costume for the Invisible Woman Sue Storm.

“Jessica, when I was a little kid, 6 years old, I used to watch fantastic four, and I loved you please forgive me I’m just having fun,” one message said.

According to The New York Daily News, the hacker also asked for a portion of her income.

“Jessica Alba is worth 360 million dollars… Can I have 1 percent of your net worth Jessica plsssss,” said one post.

The hacker also urged people to follow their own Twitter account.

Days ago, Alba’s Twitter account was hacked, as The Inquisitr reported, with similarly offensive posts appearing on her page.

“Nazi Germany did nothing wrong and that’s on God,” said one tweet.

One tweet made a racist reference to black people disrupting their sleep by committing crimes, while another offensive message offered to pay people $50,000 to kill handicapped homosexual people.

The messages were removed, though fans captured screenshots of the hacked posts before they were taken down.


In response, Alba posted an image of her son crying with his hands over his mouth with a caption joking about how she felt after her account was hacked while she was sleeping.

Fortunately, it seems as though most of the actress’s followers knew that the offensive messages weren’t from Alba and took the whole situation with a bit of humor. One person said that the messages were entirely unbelievable because Alba is clearly not racist. Another said she didn’t deserve to be hacked after carrying the “Fantastic Four franchise on her back.”

The hacker hasn’t been caught, though it seems like perhaps both accounts were taken over by the same individual judging by the content of the messages.