Kendall Jenner’s Rolled-Down Bikini Has Fans Calling Her A Man

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Recent photos of Kendall Jenner have sparked some interesting comments. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is currently soaking up the sun in Corsica, France. Photos of the 23-year-old sunning herself aboard a yacht were obtained by The Daily Mail earlier today.

While many fans would argue that Kendall looked sensational in her pale-blue bikini, photos of the model with her two-piece’s upper staps rolled down to form a strapless look have generated bizarre remarks over in the newspaper’s comments section. It would appear that some of The Daily Mail‘s readers are likening Kendall to a male. A touch trolling as the comments may seem, they have formed a pattern.

“Too masculine,” one user wrote with 110 individuals liking the comment.

Another user called the model “boyish” with a separate user dubbing Kendall “a dude.”

“Looks like a bloke,” one user wrote, using the British slang for man.

One of the most popular comments appeared to make male-centric remarks extending beyond Kendall herself. The comment included other members of the star’s family.

“The Jenner girls look like boys,” the user wrote with over 140 readers liking the comment.

When it comes to curves, Kendall isn’t lacking. This willowy-limbed star may come with a more slender silhouette compared to younger sister, Kylie, or older sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, but there’s no denying that Kendall has a womanly physique. Nonetheless, it would appear that viewers to this set of images had differing thoughts, although not all comments today proved negative.

Kendall’s vacations have been making major headlines of late. The star appears to be embracing her love of all things Europe with what is her second trip to the continent this month. The first half of July saw Kendall visit Mykonos, Greece for a high-profile trip, which came complete with paparazzi snaps and photos shared by the model to her social media. Kendall seemed happy to showcase her bikini-ready body in an array of two-pieces, although a yellow bikini proved particularly popular with fans.

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Kendall has also been making headlines for having split from NBA player Ben Simmons. The supermodel called it quits with her basketball star boyfriend in May. When it comes to vacation headlines though, fans seem less focused on Kendall’s love life and more on her world-famous body. That, in itself, is a huge talking point. It’s also likely the reason why the model has been snapped up by major brands such as Calvin Klein and Adidas.

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Fans wishing to see more of Kendall should follow the model’s Instagram. Kendall has 114 million Instagram followers.