Chanel West Coast Gets Flirty In A Pink Bikini

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Chanel West Coast has been sharing photos from her Mexican vacation lately, and it’s included shots of her in different swimwear. She’s also posted photos of herself in bikini tops and various bottoms. And her newest Instagram Stories gave fans an even closer look at her time south of the border, including a bikini selfie that’s likely to have caught many of her fans’ attention.

The selfie showed Chanel rocking a pink bikini with a purplish hue. She lay on her stomach and propped herself up with her arms. The rapper smiled with her lips mostly closed, as she puckered her lips slightly.

West Coast wore matching sunglasses, which were pink and reflective. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun, and she accessorized with an eye-catching necklace. The necklace had a large bull pendant. The bull’s horns were gold, along with the chain, which was also gold.

In addition, Chanel also shared a couple of text-based stories. They expanded on her captions from her newest bikini photo on Instagram. In the captions, the TV personality previously discussed how her perspective was shifting thanks to her vacation. Meanwhile, her stories focused on a message she had for the negative people in her life.

“You cannot be happy keeping toxic people in your life. Cut them off at all costs if your happiness means anything to you. Sometimes it’s hard to cut people off but not everyone is meant to be in your life forever,” she explained.

This was followed by praying hands and pink heart emoji.

In addition, Chanel shared a video of a dance club. She captioned the clip, “This place is nuts lol.” And “nuts” seemed like a good way to describe the spot, as it was full with tons of people dancing and having a good time. There were strobe lights, colored lights, and disco balls.

Toward the end of the clip, it was possible to see a small, raised dance floor. It was designed to look like a fighting ring, and several people could be briefly seen, getting down and busting their dance moves.

West Coast also shared a series of funny signs that were posted on the wall. One in particular joked about men.

“The best way to a mans heart is to cut his breast plate open,” it read.

“Omg I knew it,” said Chanel in the captions.

Fans can hope for more vacation updates, although it’s hard to know how much longer West Coast will be in Mexico.