Hannah Brown Reveals A Shocking Secret About The Windmill Incident During The Finale Episode

Frazier HarrisonGetty Images

Thus far in night one of the two-night finale episode of The Bachelorette, we’ve already seen one man go home brokenhearted. Hannah Brown had to choose between three men during this emotional rose ceremony, Jed Wyatt, Peter Weber, and Tyler Cameron. Although it was an admittedly extremely difficult decision for Brown, she eventually opted not to give Peter Weber a rose. After a tearful goodbye, Brown eventually parted ways with Weber. The pair, joined by Chris Harrison, had the opportunity to speak once again during the live airing of the finale episode on Monday night, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Peter Weber joined Harrison on stage, encouraged by the loud cheers coming from the live audience. He was then forced to re-watch the heart-wrenching breakup on live television. Following the clip, Harrison asked him whether or not he is still in love with Brown. He made it clear that the feelings he had during the show were very much real and he believed that a piece of his heart would always belong to Brown. Even though Weber is still grappling with the pain of the heartbreak, he’s doing his best to move on with his life.

After his one on one interview with Harrison, Brown joined him on stage. He had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about how she came to the decision she did as far as their relationship. She explained that there was truly nothing wrong or lacking with their connection, but she simply had stronger feelings for the other two remaining men.

After a rather awkward and emotional conversation, Harrison broke the tension by referencing Brown and Weber’s now-infamous fantasy suite date night which took place in a windmill. The date became infamous because Brown proudly admitted she had sex with Weber in a windmill after controversial contestant Luke Parker informed her that if she had sex with any other man, he would no longer be interested in her.

In a fit of rage over the threat, Brown admitted she had in fact had sex, not once but twice, and in a windmill of all places. The announcement quickly went viral. But on tonight’s episode, Brown revealed yet another detail about that night.

“I was a little dishonest about something. It was actually four times,” she revealed, the crowd going wild with laughter and cheers.

Weber’s parents who were there during the living airing of the episode clapped along with everyone else.