Kaley Cuoco Reveals The One Hilarious Thing That Will Cause Her To Leave Husband Karl Cook

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco can’t stand one fashion trend — socks with sandals. In fact, the actress has made her husband, Karl Cook, promise not to wear the footwear look. In a hilarious new video on Cuoco’s Instagram Stories, the former Big Bang Theory star revealed that she came close to leaving Cook for wearing socks with sandals to the airport.

Cuoco documented her travels with Cook on the social media site on Monday. In one clip, the actress recorded Cook explaining that he saw a man with socks and sandals on, which cured Cook of his bad mood. This statement prompted Cuoco to turn the camera to Cook’s feet to show that he opted for close-toed loafers instead of socks with sandals for the day’s footwear, and she was “so proud of him.”

In response, Cook said with a smirk, “Well, I didn’t want to get divorced today, so. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see. Stay tuned.”

In the caption of the video, Cuoco wrote that she told him if he wore socks with sandals to the airport, “We are done.”

As for the rest of Cook’s outfit, the equestrian looked stylish in a white button-down T-shirt, khaki pants, a navy hat, and black sunglasses tucked unto the collar of his shirt.

In an earlier video, Cuoco showed a frustrated Cook waiting in a line at an airport. She asked her husband if he was having fun, and he replied with a small rant about people who flaunt their authoritative power. In the caption, she wrote that he hates authority. Another clip showed Cook sitting at a bar with a beer in front of him, seemingly in a much better mood.

Cuoco married Cook on June 30, 2018 at a horse stable near San Diego, California. On their one-year anniversary, Cuoco shared a few photos from the ceremony on Instagram along with a touching caption about her “incredible other half.”

The photos included a black-and-white shot of Cuoco and Cook hugging each other closely, a shot of the couple on the dance floor, and a shot of them standing at the altar. Cuoco looked beautiful in a thin-strapped white gown with a lace overlay, while her husband looked strapping in a black tuxedo.

Back in April, Cuoco revealed that having their wedding at a stable was incredibly important to the couple given Cook’s equestrian career and Cuoco’s love of horses.

“When I first met Karl, I went to his ranch … and I thought, ‘Oh, my, God, if I marry this guy, I’m getting married in this barn.’ It was as if I had this picture in my mind and it literally came off the page,” she said, per People.