Heidi Klum Gets On All Fours As She Shows Off Her Luscious Body And All Its Sexy Assets

Heidi Klum loves Instagram.

She loves the social media platform so much that her most recent post showed the supermodel in a host of different poses. Ten, to be exact.

As the subject of this shoot, Heidi was rocking a two-piece playsuit that allowed her legendary body's many assets to be on view. The top was like a bikini but not as skimpy, while the bottom -- boy shorts -- offered a good look at her long, firm legs and her enviable thighs.

The ensemble's print featured pizza and spaghetti in words and in pictures. And, to make sure viewers were putting their eyes on the fabric, the 44-year-old wrote about the Italian mainstays in her caption as well. To be fair, red peppers were also represented via this foody fashion statement.

Heidi seemed to be having a lot of fun showing off on Instagram. While wearing her long, blonde hair down and messy, this model-mogul was devoid of make-up as she perched on a bed in a white room that allowed her dark tan to take center stage. Her sun-drenched body was evenly affected except for her taut midsection. That particular body part appeared to be many shades lighter than the rest of her luscious body.

While modeling, Heidi's face changes belied various moods. She went from smiling to teasing -- while twirling her bed head locks with her right hand -- to laughing to acting seductively to kissing the air. She accomplished the last look by pursing her lips, putting her high cheek bones and rosy cheeks in evidence.

As the camera clicked, Heidi took on a number of different poses. At first, the supermodel was sitting up on her knees. Then, in picture four of the pack, the German celebrity reset her body and her body language so she was on all fours. The camera caught Heidi's ample cleavage as she moved positions, which also revealed another set of legs and big bare feet beside her in bed.

Those other body parts probably belonged to rocker Tom Krauitz, the apparent photographer for this shoot and her main man, who she is set to marry for the second time sometime soon in Capri, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The couple picked this second marriage location after initially marrying on February 22 in a low-key affair in Beverly Hills.

The pair will marry on the Italian island and then party hard on a friend's yacht with her guests on board. Perhaps Heidi should perfect her lovely tan even more since the destination wedding venue could mean that everyone taking part has a good chance of getting wet, with or without the benefit of bathing suits.