‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Michael & Sasha Sizzle, Stella May Be Hiding A Shocker, & Ryan Taunts Ava

Michael YadaABC

The week of July 29 is shaping up to be a wild one on General Hospital. Spoilers from a new sneak peek suggest that there will be sizzling-hot romantic moments playing out for one pair, an intense confrontation for a former couple, and a potentially stunning development for a Port Charles family.

The show shared a new weekly preview via its Twitter page, and it’s filled with juicy tidbits. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sasha and Michael will get away from Port Charles for a romantic rendezvous and they will not be able to get enough of one another.

It appears that Sasha and Michael are getting somewhat serious, shifting from being just “friends with benefits” to embracing a true romantic relationship. Of course, this could all turn upside down when Michael learns that Jonah is alive and Sasha’s big secret about not really being Nina’s daughter emerges.

This week also brings developments on a mystery with Stella. Viewers have seen that she learned there is someone who is a DNA match to her, but she has insisted she doesn’t want to know the details.

The new preview shows Stella, Jordan, and Curtis talking about this, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Stella will insist she doesn’t have a secret lovechild lurking around somewhere.

In saying that, many fans would guess that it’ll soon be revealed that Stella certainly does actually have a child out there somewhere. Some viewers have even speculated that she may somehow turn out to be Jordan’s biological mother, a development that would certainly cause a lot of drama.

As Jordan was facing the crisis of needing a transplant, there were numerous references to her extended family, and things seemed quite mysterious. It certainly would be a soapy twist to make Stella and Jordan related, but General Hospital spoilers tease that this storyline may be headed somewhere stunning, and that would fit the bill.

Another possible twist would be that perhaps Curtis is actually Stella’s son rather than her nephew. She may have hidden that due to being young, pregnant, and unmarried when she gave birth to him and placed him within the family, while never telling him her true connection to him.

Right now, it’s not known where this Stella storyline is headed, but it does seem that something explosive and intriguing may be on the horizon.

This week also brings an intense confrontation as Ava visits Ryan at Pentonville. The Inquisitr detailed that Ryan will be thrilled to see Ava, and spoilers hint that he’ll taunt her as she tries to end the ties between them once and for all.

In addition, Soap Central reveals that there is plenty involving Willow, Shiloh, Hayden, Lulu, Nina, and Jax on the way, too. General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle will leave Michael hanging during his visit to Pentonville and that a disagreement is on the way between Elizabeth and Jason. Secrets are set to emerge soon, and fans will not want to miss these next few episodes.