Beyonce's Chest-Baring Dress Sparks Mass Cringing, Fans Think She Looks Bloated & Miserable

Beyonce is getting some negative feedback. The R&B superstar took to Instagram recently to showcase the glittering red dress she donned for niece Teana's 21st birthday party in New York City. With both a plunging, cleavage-flaunting neckline and a racy thigh-high slit, this gown was ticking boxes for both style and sexiness. Beyonce is, after all, known for both.

Beyonce posted two photos to her social media. One showed the 37-year-old alone, while the other came as a joint deal with husband Jay-Z. The snaps didn't take long to make The Daily Mail's headlines with fans likewise proving swift in leaving comments.

It looks like viewers to this set of images haven't been giving Beyonce the thumbs-up.

"She looks awful and sad something is not right with her" was the most popular comment with over 480 upvotes.

"She's just miserable," a fan replied.

These users didn't appear alone in seeming to think that something wasn't quite right. Many fans took to the comments section with suggestions that the Lemonade singer looked larger than usual and somewhat unhappy. The star's husband was also mentioned.

"I cringe so much when I see these two. They think they are icons. Girl we saw what you really looked like, all bloated" was a popular comment.

The thoughts seemed echoed over and over, with one user appearing to be based in the U.K. adding their thoughts.

"My guess is she's still not happy with her weight. She's not happy about getting older. She's insecure in her marriage wondering if her husband will stray again, and what everyone thinks of them as a supposed 'power couple'....She doesn't look happy."
Elsewhere, fans called the power couple "ridiculous" with multiple users comparing Beyonce to Mariah Carey – the 49-year-old singer is somewhat known for her diva reputation.While comments centering around Beyonce's curves and apparent sadness were amid the most upvoted responses, not all feedback to the star's images were negative. The star was praised for her beauty with some fans also throwing the couple the thumbs-up in a joint way. This power duo is, indeed, one of the biggest in Hollywood. Together, Beyonce and Jay-Z are parents to three children. Daughter Blue Ivy was joined by twin siblings Rumi and Sir in 2017.

Over on Beyonce's Instagram, the updates proved popular. Beyonce's solo snap racked up over 4.8 million likes, while her photo with Jay-Z clocked in at a slightly lower 3.8 million.

Beyonce has 130 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by celebrities, including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani, and Vanessa Hudgens.