Angelina Jolie’s See-Through Braless Pics Spark Vampire Comments & Mass Freakout

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Angelina Jolie has her fans worried. The 44-year-old actress was photographed out and about in Los Angeles on Friday, as The Daily Mail reports. The mother of six was snapped looking fresh-faced and beautiful in a silk two-piece comprised of slinky pants paired with a strappy camisole bearing sheer details around the chest. Angelina’s brave braless outing may have ticked boxes on the style front, but the photos seem to have her fans freaking out.

Viewers to The Daily Mail’s images have been leaving their thoughts over in the newspaper’s comments section. Many appeared to center around the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider star’s weight.

“Just imagine her with about 30 lbs of healthy weight gain” was the most upvoted comment.

“I think she might actually be a vampire…” was a comment racking up over 240 upvotes.

“She’s beautiful but very gaunt. If she gained a bit of weight, she would look amazing,” another fan wrote.

Indeed, it did seem that fans were mostly united with their opinions. Users did point out the braless scenario and the actress’s surgically reconstructed breasts – Angelina has undergone a double mastectomy for health reasons – but worried remarks over the brunette’s weight were prominent.

“She looks too thin. Look at those arms, just skin and bone, no muscle” was another remark.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Angelina’s weight has been a headline-maker. The actress had her fans worried last year, with what Hollywood Life reported to be a plummeting weight amid Angelina’s divorce troubles. As fans will know, the mother of six was married to Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt. The couple welcomed three biological children, although Brad took on a fatherhood role for Angelina’s three adopted children. The family of eight is no more.

When it comes to relationships, Angelina seems to have had little luck. The actress has three failed marriages under her belt: Prior to Pitt, Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thornton and Trainspotting star Jonny Lee Miller.

Fortunately, comments left to Angelina’s recent set of paparazzi photos weren’t exclusively negative. Fans pointed out this star’s iconic beauty with many users slamming trolling remarks about the actress’s chest. These users sent out reminders that Angelina’s decision to have her breasts removed came as a result of her being a carrier of the deadly BRCA1 cancer gene. Nonetheless, it did seem that Jolie’s weight was causing some panic. One fan seemed to sum it all up.

“She was very beautiful when younger – Shame she had a lot of problems and messed her life up, consequently losing too much weight, getting her breasts removed and having implants. due to a breast cancer scare (genetic).”