Laci Kay Somers Flaunts Bare Booty Alongside Sister, Stefani, In Matching Lingerie


Laci Kay Somers shared a new photo that showed her posing alongside her sister, Stefani. The two models wore the exact same lingerie set, which consisted of a sheer, dark purple bra and matching thong bottoms.

The sisters both sat on their knees, facing their back to the camera. This left both of their derrieres exposed. Laci wore her hair down, with tight curls at the ends. Meanwhile, Stefani rocked a similar hairstyle, except her hair wasn’t as long as her sister’s. The two women looked over their shoulder and gave coy looks.

In addition, the backdrop included a gray wall with white paint marks and an industrial light that hung from a pipe.

This update has received over 232,000 likes in the past three days. Plus, Laci’s fans stopped by with plenty of compliments. It seemed like almost every comment was directed toward both Laci and Stefani.

“My favorite sisters!!” said a follower.

“The Hottest SISTERS ON IG!! FOR REAL!!!” another fan commented.

“God gave your family all the beauty!!! Absolutely beautiful!!” said another fan, as an Instagram user added,

“Love seeing you girls together,” an Instagram user noted.

Others piled on the positive feedback.

“Without a doubt, your eyes are very beautiful,” and “What a dynamic duo,” noted a couple of their fans.

The captions revealed that Laci is looking forward to seeing her sister in a month. So it’s possible that the pair will release more photos together in the near future.

Meanwhile, Laci has been keeping things rolling on her social media page. In particular, an Instagram post from earlier this month caught many of her followers’ attention.

It featured a completely drenched Laci, as she wore a wet crop top. The shirt was white, and she pulled at it with her left hand. The model also popped her right hip, while giving a sultry look. She encouraged her fans to caption the image by following a link on her page.

“What made you so much more beautiful than any other girl!??” asked a fan, while another complimented her.

“My favorite model ever,” they said.

“Well I have nothing to do so I’m just gonna stand hear cause I’m so hot,” joked an Instagram user, and someone else added, “you are so beautiful. Oh and on the outside too!”

Somers also responded to some of her fans’ comments.

“Your [sic] so beautiful hope to meet you one day,” said a fan, to which Laci responded, “you’re so sweet.”