July 28, 2019
Lily Maymac Flaunts Petite Bikini Bod On Instagram

Lily Maymac was spotted on Revolve's Instagram feed today. She sported a red bikini for the shot, and fans have liked the photo over 11,000 times so far. It was geo-tagged in Cuixmala.

The model sat on a raised platform, which served as part of the stairs into an infinity pool. The pool stretched behind Lily, with a dramatic sunset in the sky.

Maymac wore a red bikini top with a diagonal strap, along with a circular accent in the middle of her chest. Her bikini bottoms also had the same circular accents on her hips. She propped herself up with her hands, as she sat up and crossed her right leg over her left.

The model glanced to her left while smiling slightly. She wore her hair back in a casual bun and sported hoop earrings. While Lily didn't wear a necklace or bracelets, she accessorized with several rings. In addition, she casually held a fan in her right hand.

Revolve's followers sent many compliments to the model.

"This suit is so cute," said a fan, while another was struck by the scene in its entirety, stating, "That sunset and bikini."

"Lovely pose," noted a follower, as someone else simply exclaimed, "This photo is amazing!!!!"

"Goals 2019/2020," declared an Instagram user.

Meanwhile, the model shared her own bikini pic on her Instagram page. The photo was posted a couple of days ago and showed her in a light blue ensemble.

Lily sat on her knees in front of a couple of large rocks. Behind that, you could see an impressive tree. Meanwhile, the model placed her hands casually by her waist while tilting her head slightly to the right. She gave a coy look and wore her hair down. Her blond highlights were visible, along with her natural, darker hair color. She wore multiple earrings, along with a small necklace. Lily also sported several rings.

The photo has been liked over 93,000 times so far.

Many of Maymac's followers seemed to really like her swimsuit.

"Lovely bikini," "Wow! you look amazing in blue," and "This is your color," said several of her fans.

Others noticed her minimal makeup.

"Luv [sic] her pink lipstick!" noted a follower.

Others wanted to let Lily know how much they like her looks.

"You are seriously one of the Prettiest Girls ive [sic] ever seen!" exclaimed an Instagram user, while another simply said, "OMG baby i love you so much Lily."