Ainsley Rodriguez Exercises In A Teeny Bikini Before Posing In The Pool

Ainsley RodriguezInstagram

Fitness guru Ainsley Rodriguez certainly knows how to embody the mantra “work hard, play hard.” The brunette beauty managed to show off both fitness and fun by posting two updates on Instagram to her legion of fans: a video where she demonstrates a number of exercises while in the teeniest of bikinis, and a picture where she stuns as she relaxes in the pool.

Ainsley’s amazing ability to juggle various responsibilities has allowed her to become one of Instagram’s most successful influencers. With a following of around two million on Instagram, Ainsley turned her brand into a private training business and now employs eight people, per HuffPost.

On her Instagram feed, Ainsley often posts videos that are both instructional and inspirational. In her most recent clip, she offers a 12 minute routine for a bikini body that relies purely on body weight. Showing that she is her own best advertisement, Ainsley does the entire routine wearing the teeniest of string bikinis, which features red and white stripes.

In this video, Ainsley moves into a table position, where her knees are bent at right angles and her stomach faces the sky. She lifts a leg straight up another 90 degrees and completes the move by then dipping her body.

In the second move, Ainsley showcases a modified push up. To make the exercise target different areas, Ainsley’s push up allows knees on the ground but features a difficult arm position, in which the hands touch each other to create a diamond.

The third movement features a single leg lunge hop. In her caption, Ainsley urges her followers to do each exercise for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds — three times total.

The clip earned over 20,000 likes and won over 650 comments.

“One of the hottest chicks on IG!!” wrote a fan.

“Perrrrrrrfection! Hard work pays off big, you are breathtaking,” echoed another.

“This is too sexy to be an exercise video, not a compliment or insult,” teased a third, adding a heart-eye emoji to his comment.

But if the fan wanted to see a non-fitness related sexy snap, one was readily available. In a picture posted on Friday, Ainsley shows off her killer body while wearing a green floral bikini. To keep her face shielded from the sun, she paired the look with a Panama hat.

The picture, in which Ainsley thanked her fans for their support, earned over 38,000 likes and nearly 700 comments.

“No, thank YOU for always inspiring and [bringing] that positive attitude… safe travels!” wrote a fan.

“Such a cute babe! Keep the positive vibes going,” added a second, adding several pink heart emoji.