Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Her Fertility Issues After Pregnancy Announcement

David LivingstonGetty Images

Anne Hathaway recently announced that she’s pregnant in an Instagram post and in the caption, she hinted that she struggled with infertility issues. But at a recent event during the Television Critics Association press tour, Anne opened up a little more of why she chose to mention those challenges in her pregnancy announcement.

“There is a one-sided narrative to this, and of course it’s wonderful that we celebrate the happy moment when it’s ready to share,” she said to a reporter from Entertainment Tonight.

“I think there is a silence around the moments before that and they are not all happy, and in fact, a lot of them are quite painful. I think that pain is that these women feel like we’re the only ones going through it.”

She went on to say that she knew than any woman struggling to have a baby would probably feel saddened by her announcement so she wanted to make them feel supported.

This will be the Oscar-winning actress’ second child as she has an older son named Jonathan Rosebanks who she shares with her husband, Adam Schulman. Despite the honesty about infertility, she did express joy at the fact that she’s going to have another baby. She told Entertainment Tonight that it’s something that she’s wanted for “a while,” another hint that she struggled to conceive.

“I am really happy,” she said, “This is something I’ve been wanting for a while and I’m really happy it’s happening.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Anne also hinted that the pregnancy was taking a toll on her memory, as she confessed to struggling to remember certain things.

“My brain won’t let me go there right now,” she said at one point. “Somebody’s eating it.”

The 36-year-old actress is currently doing press for Modern Love, an anthology series produced by Amazon. Anne’s character is bipolar and her mental illness proves to be a barrier to finding love. The actress said that the story is a hopeful one and helps illustrate the transformative power of finding someone that you connect to.

Her love interest in the episode is played by Gary Carr.

Anne had to dye her hair for the role but told Entertainment Tonight that she didn’t feel connected to the hair change. She even said that she forgot about her hair color when she had to take her son to school.

Modern Love premieres Friday, October 18 for subscribers to Amazon Prime Video.