July 28, 2019
Kelsey Merritt Rocks Orange Plunge Dress

Kelsey Merritt has been posting photos from Jalisco, Mexico, for the past five days. Prior to that, her photos were geotagged in Cuixmala, as she visited the area with her fellow Revolve models.

Her newest post showed her in an orange plunge dress, as she lounged casually on a mustard yellow couch. The couch was outdoors, and featured extra large cushions.

Merritt sat up and braced herself with her hands, as she crossed her right leg over her left. The dress had a low neckline, and she cinched her waist with the cloth belt. She rocked a couple of extravagant earrings, which were white and appeared to be floral. She kept the color theme rolling with strappy, white sandals. The shoes caught some of the fans' attention.

"Love your shoes, where is it [sic] from?" asked a curious follower.

"Legs for days," commented another.

"SO PRETTY KELS," someone else exclaimed.

A fan also wanted to know how she was enjoying Mexico. Considering the many photos that she's posting, along with the nostalgic caption, it's likely that the model is having a blast.

On the other hand, Kelsey's third-newest post showed her in a light blue dress. She posed against a white wall, next to swinging doors that opened up to the ocean views. Her dress had thin straps, and was made of a flowy fabric. It reached her mid-thigh area, as she accessorized with sandals with tie accents.

The first photo of the set showed Merritt with her arms above her, as she grabbed onto the door frame. She popped her left foot forward, and looked to her right. The dress rode up her left leg.

The second photo showed Kelsey sitting down, and from a different angle. It was possible to see the beach and ocean behind her, past the open doors. The model wore her hair down in a heavy right part, as she touched her leg with her right hand.

The photos were liked over 70,000 times.

"Such gorgeous colors!! Love it," complimented a fan.

"You've done nothing but SERVE pure aesthetics on your entire trip to Mexico. A true Libra Queen!" another fan said.

It's clear that many of Kelsey's fans just can't get enough of her.

"You're killing me everytime you post your photos, so unfair," joked a follower.

"Beautiful. You're taking perfection to the next level every single day. And i [sic] love you more every single day," said yet another Instagram user.