Dolly Castro Spills Out Of Black Lingerie Top


Dolly Castro shared a new look with her fans today. While she’s often seen wearing swimwear or dresses, this was the first time in a white that Dolly sported jeans. The photo seems to be a hit so far, garnering over 15,000 in the first hour since it was published.

The photo showed Castro posing in front of white, kitchen cabinets. She placed her hands on the gray marble counter while rocking a black lingerie top and jeans. The bra was black, with strappy netting accents below her chest. The jeans hugged the model’s curves, and sat right under her belly button. The pants also had small rips in the front. She completed the look with a pair of leopard-print sandals.

Castro also wore her hair down, and dusted on purple eyeshadow and dark lipstick for the shot. She opted to go without a necklace, but instead wore rings and bracelets. Her gold jewelry matched the decor that was spotted on the counter. This included an abstract, circular sculpture, and a clear, geometric display piece.

The model’s chiseled abs were clearly visible in the shot, and her fans didn’t fail to notice.

“Keep up the good work,” said a fan, while another added, “Them abs show you go ham at the gym.”

Dolly’s captions also pointed out that she’s going for a new look with the jeans. Her followers sound like they’re all for it, however.

“Wow you look absolutely perfect,” “Love those jeans,” and “Every thing [sic] looks beautiful on u dolly,” noted several of her fans.

This isn’t to mention Dolly’s update from a couple of days ago, which was risque in its own way. The photo showed the model posing from the side, as she popped her left foot forward. Castro played with her hair, and smiled widely for the shot.

The outfit she wore left little to the imagination, considering that the dress had open sides. This left Dolly’s chest exposed from the side, along with her derriere. She went braless, but wore dark bottoms. Her sandals added inches to her already-long legs.

Most of Castro’s fans loved the look.

“Whatta [sic] perfect body!!!!” exclaimed a follower.

But not everyone was a believer.

“Dress? Lol. That’s what they’re calling that piece of fabric,” complained an Instagram user.

Surprisingly, Dolly responded to the comment.

“i [sic] agree i [sic] will call it a cover up or something else but pretty little things call it a maxi dress so i [sic] have to name it the same so is easy for people to find it if they would like to get it,” she explained.