Miley Cyrus’ String Bikini Pool Pic Sparks Hygiene Remarks, Fans Think She Looks Dirty

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Miley Cyrus has sparked some interesting comments. The SHE IS COMING singer took to Instagram yesterday for some bikini pictures. The upbeat snaps showing the 26-year-old rocking a red string two-piece as she reclined on a pool floatie didn’t take long to make The Daily Mail‘s headlines.

While many fans took to the newspaper’s comments section to throw the star praise for her killer body and fierce cleavage, a marked number of users appeared to have honed in on something more specific. Quite simply, it looks like fans are accusing this singer of being unclean. Comments from across the globe saw many users bring up the subject in different ways.

“She looks like she smells” was a comment racking up over 370 upvotes.

“She always looks like she needs a good scrubbing” proved similarly popular with just under 300 users agreeing.

“Always looks dirty,” another fan wrote.

While separate and slamming comments appeared to see users dubbing Miley’s update a cry for attention, mentions of hygiene did appear to manifest prominently.

“She always looks grubby and in need of a good scrub,” a Brit said.

Miley may come with a slightly scruffy appearance compared to more polished-looking faces such as Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande, but it is unlikely that this celebrity doesn’t keep herself clean. Nonetheless, it seemed that a significant number of viewers to the singer’s photos seemed convinced that this might just be the case.

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Buzz over Miley, in general, has been intense of late. The end of May brought fans Miley’s six-track SHE IS COMING EP. The month of July brought them even more with a music video for the album’s first “Mother’s Daughter” track. Fans would likely argue that Miley looked squeaky clean in the red latex bodysuit she donned for the video, although her trademark messy hair was rocking the unkempt look.

When it comes to looking a little unkempt, Hollywood has its faces. Midnight Sun actress Bella Thorne is known for her low-frills finish, unshaved armpits, and generally makeup-free look. The 21-year-old may fly the flag for looking like she’s just rolled out of bed, but it doesn’t seem to have affected her appeal. Miley herself comes relatively glam-free, but this star can up the ante when she wants to. “Mother’s Daughter” sees the singer clad head-to-toe in Chanel tweed alongside her mother.

Fortunately for Miley, not all comments left to The Daily Mail‘s report were negative. Miley’s update also proved immensely popular on Instagram, racking up over 1.9 million likes.