Cindy Kimberly Ditches Bottoms In See-Through Dress On Instagram

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Cindy Kimberly shared a series of new, sultry photos with her fans yesterday. It turns out that the images are all about a year old, and the model never posted them to her social media before. The photos were taken for GQ Spain and featured some risque images.

One photo, in particular, caught many of the fans’ attention. It was the third photo in the set and showed Kimberly wearing a see-through dress. What took the photo to the next level, however, was that she ditched bottoms for the shot. So her bare booty was on full display. With that being said, there was a blue, abstract design by her derriere. So it censored her somewhat but left her exposed for the most part.

The photo showed Cindy with her back to the camera. She looked over her left shoulder and gave a coy look. Also, the model wore her hair down and slicked back. It looked like she was also drenched, although it was hard to tell for sure. She stood in very shallow waters, with green foliage visible behind her.

Cindy’s makeup was also notable, as she rocked metallic pink eyeshadow and pink lipstick.

The update received over 432,000 likes, and fans had plenty to say about the photo set.

“I’m not sure if I’m mad that you’ve never posted them or just grateful that you finally decided to post them,” said a follower, while a fan account noted, “can’t believe this was a year ago.”

Others kept it simple and sent their compliments.

“Goddess in real life,” “how is someone so pretty,” and “These are INSANE!!!” were just several of the comments that were left on the photos.

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And while the GQ Spain photoshoot seemed to capitalize on her sexy vibes, she shared an entirely different set of photos that she took for Cosmopolitan Espana.

The update was comprised of four photos, including the cover shot. All of the images had a flirty, fun feel. The cover showed Cindy in a blue and white outfit. It appeared to be a dress with a triangular cutout in the center, which she accessorized with a black hat.

The model smiled widely for the shot and placed her hands beside her on her upper thighs.

“Dat smile. I am dying,” said a fan, while another commented, “The last picture is my fav & it looks like ur hair is short which suits you.”

One Instagram fan had a specific request for Kimberly.

“Please never do anything (plastic) to your face or body,” they asked.