July 28, 2019
Alessandra Ambrosio Goes Topless In Mykonos

Alessandra Ambrosio shared a couple of new topless photos from Mykonos, and fans seem to be loving it.

The first photo showed Alessandra from the side as she wore a large, white towel on her head. You could also see a peek of her red bikini bottoms, which had ruffles on the side straps. The model placed her chin on her right hand, as she sat with her knees close to her chest. She censored the photo with her left hand. Alessandra wore a variety of jewelry, including multiple necklaces, bracelets, and a watch.

Ambrosio sat on stone steps. Behind her, you could see a glittering, blue ocean with white boats.

The second photo showed Alessandra from the same spot, but more zoomed in. She looked directly at the camera this time and gave a coy look. It appeared that she went makeup-free for the most part, potentially wearing a tiny bit of eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Again, she censored herself by positioning herself strategically.

"Pic 1 is my fave. Always thought you had a beautiful side profile. Thanks for sharing," commented a fan.

"Do you have makeup in that picture??" wondered another.

Meanwhile, others were distracted by Alessandra's beauty.

"Omg you just like don't age at all," noticed a follower, while someone else declared her "The most beautiful woman in the world."

While Alessandra's topless photos seem to be a hit with fans, she also posted a photo of her outfit a couple of days ago. This image received over 82,000 likes, with plenty of people letting the model know how much they adore her.

The photo showed Ambrosio in front of a white building, as the wind blew her colorful dress behind her. The dress was a huge hit with fans, with plenty of comments made about the number. It was a long-sleeved dress that was light blue at the top, which gave way to yellow and dark orange. The colors seemingly transitioned seamlessly, and the dress featured a billowing skirt with ruffle accents at the bottom.

"Omg where is this dress from," asked a fan, while someone else added, "Unique dress baby."

"Like a rainbow," noticed another, as another follower stated, "Beautiful and oh so 'chic' in your 'colourful' ensemble Lady Alessandra!!!"

The flirty vibe of the photo wasn't lost on the model's fans, either.

"Very colourful and playful picture. This calls for the caption of free Spirit [sic]!" suggested an Instagram user, as another person simply let her know, "Ohh wow you're so gorgeous."

One fan, in particular, noticed Alessandra's bare feet.

"Where are your shoes, lady?" they asked, following the question with a laughing and crying emoji.