Brandon Theesfeld, Man Accused Of Murdering Ally Kostial, Called Women His ‘Flavor Of The Week’


It’s common for college to be a time of wild parties and experimentation, particularly with relationships. Those involved in greek life often get the reputation of dating around, potentially having several relationships going at once, whether it be an earned title or not.

In the case of 22-year-old Brandon Theesfeld, those who knew him claimed he was known for playing around with women’s emotions. One of those women was reportedly 21-year-old Ally Kostial. Ally and Theesfeld were both students at the University of Mississippi. Ally’s friends say she loved Brandon, but he led her on and manipulated her.

On July 20, she was found with eight bullet wounds. Theesfeld has since been arrested in connection with her murder. Now, those that formally knew Theesfeld recall the warning signs he displayed of violent behavior, according to WDAM 7 News.

On the night of July 19, Ally was caught on video surveillance walking around downtown Oxford. She visited with friends at a pizza place and eventually left alone. As she made her way down the street, a van pulled up alongside her. She got in and 30 seconds later, the van pulled away. Ally’s roommate recalls her coming home around midnight, but didn’t hear her leave the residence again.

The next morning, Kostial was gone and was discovered dead about 30 minutes away from campus in a secluded area. Police used credit card information and cell phone data to track Theesfeld down at a gas station.

Those that knew Brandon Theesfeld said he frequently dated around and called his flings his “flavors of the week.” In one particular video, Theesfeld is visibly drunk and gawking at the social media page of a young woman.

“I want her number, dog,” he’s heard saying.

In wake of the tragedy, a woman named Mary Ellen Manor recalled her former relationship with the accused killer. She had met Theesfeld on the dating app Tinder and proceeded to go on two different dates with him. But she had an uncomfortable feeling about him and swiftly ended things.

“Just odd, very sketchy, like shady. When I’d try to say, ‘No, I’m busy this weekend,’ he’d say, ‘Oh I’m not crazy or anything, I was just seeing what you were doing,” she said of her encounters with him.

After hearing what Theesfeld had been accused of, Manor was shocked.

“I can’t believe I hung out with a dude who could be charged with such a thing, and it just made me very wary,” she said.