July 28, 2019
Kourtney Kardashian's Paparazzi Thong Bikini Pics Shock The World, Fans Hadn't Expected Cellulite

Kourtney Kardashian's current Corsica, France vacation may have afforded yacht luxuries, but it's come with a likely less-welcomed presence for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. The paparazzi has been following Kourtney's every move, as photos obtained by The Daily Mail yesterday showed. Unairbrushed photos of the 40-year-old didn't take long to make the media outlet's headlines with fans likewise being swift to comment.

Kourtney's yellow thong bikini has largely garnered the star praise for her killer body. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, many viewers to the images seemed convinced that the Poosh CEO is the best-looking of her sisters. That said, less flattering mentions of the star's physique have also been filling The Daily Mail's comments section. Fans from around the globe have been commenting on apparent cellulite on Kourtney, and their responses have been racking up thousands of likes.

"She does look pretty good but doesn't look like her photos that she photoshops to the hilt! I'm over the initial shock of cellulite on her butt," a user wrote with over 1,000 individuals agreeing.

"While she looks very different from her Instagram pictures, she does have a great body, nothing wrong with having some cellulite," another popular comment read.

Fortunately, it seemed that remarks pointing towards cellulite were coming from users still willing to accept that this mother of three has a sensational body. If anything, comments only appeared to slam the star for allegedly editing her social media images – hence the shock. Kourtney having cellulite didn't seem to be bothering too many people, but it was mentioned by many.

"A looot of cellulite in sight" saw one user honing in.

"See people she has cellulite all women do," another wrote.

One fan did appear somewhat angered by what Kourtney's social media sends out, though. Their comment was agreed on by over 410 users.
"These photos are reality, and though she does looks like a normal middle-aged mother of three with cellulite, saddlebags and a little belly paunch, this is not the image they often show or claim to have."
Fans would likely agree that Kourtney's bikini body is incredible. This workout queen puts as much thought into her sweat sessions as she does her nutrition. Fans of Kourtney will know that she's recently taken a second stab at the keto diet. The Daily Mail's photos may have shown Kourtney looking a little less polished than usual, but there's no denying that this star's still got it.

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