Haley Kalil Shows Off Bare Booty In A Tiny Bikini

Haley Kalil has been sharing loads of bikini pics lately, to the delight of her 273,000 Instagram followers. Her newest post was all about her derriere and showed her wearing a tiny string bikini.

The photo showed Haley from behind, as she climbed up wooden stairs. She looked over her left shoulder and smiled widely for the camera. She held a phone in her left hand and wore her hair down.

The model also threw up a peace sign and joked about her "wrinkly" elbow in the captions. This led to many of her fans leaving comments joking about her elbow.

"Yeah.. we are all focused on the elbow," said a fan, while another pointed out, "Uhhh elbow, there's an elbow in this pic. Didn't notice."

And for the fans that noticed the elbow, it was hardly a point of contention, as they noted that its "a cute little elbow."

Besides that, Haley notably wore a black swimsuit. The bottoms had a thong-cut, leaving her booty bare, which seemed to be the focal point for most of her followers.

"We need a booty workout," mentioned a fan, who's seemingly hoping to find out the secrets to Kalil's figure.

"Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere," said another.

That's not to mention that four days ago, she shared an Instagram photo where she posed alongside fellow Sports Illustrated model, Brooks Nader. The two were spotted sitting in cloth chairs while wearing gold and yellow dresses.

Haley's dress was neon yellow, with a low v-neck and huge, ruffled sleeves. Brooks' dress was also long-sleeved, except hers was gold with gathered fabric accents down the front center.

Both the models wore bright lipstick, although Haley's was arguably a brighter, pink color.

The update consisted of five photos. While the first photo showed the models giving sultry looks, the rest were much more playful. They were caught mid-laugh, sticking their tongues out and making silly faces.

The photos have been liked almost 7,000 times so far.

"We're not extra at all!!! Loves [sic] you," commented Brooks, who seems to have a good friendship with Haley.

Others were loving seeing the two together.

"Both are beautiful. Both have lovely dresses and lovely legs," said one, while another fan noted, "It is kinda funny how 2 beautiful women who try and act silly and make goofy faces still look bloody gorgeous."

"Love the goofiness," said another follower, while someone added, "You guys are like live dolls!"