The Friends Of Slain College Student Ally Kostial Want Her To Be Remembered For Her Positive Light

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With the sheer amount of violence and shootings that occur these days, the tragic events can seem to blend together. Violence against women on college campuses is especially common, with several college women losing their lives on campus just this summer alone. Alexandria Kostial, better known as Ally, was a victim of gun violence. At only 21-years-old, her life was cut short when she was shot and killed by someone who police believe was her on-again off-again boyfriend. Ally’s friends don’t want the positive person she was to be overshadowed by the darkness that surrounded her death, according to ABC News.

Ally was a hardworking student from the University of Mississippi. She was a beloved sorority sister and was in the process of obtaining a degree in marketing. She remained on campus this summer to finish up some classes. On July 19, video footage shows Ally walking around Oxford, where she visited a pizza restaurant. The video shows her leave alone and begin making her way down the street. She then gets into a grey van that pulls up alongside the sidewalk. About 30 seconds later, the van pulls away with Ally inside.

But that wasn’t when the tragedy occurred. Ally’s roommate recalls her coming home around midnight that night but didn’t hear her leaving the residence again. She wasn’t there the next morning. The next day, July 20, Ally’s body was found about 30 minutes away from campus. She had been shot eight times.

The primary suspect in the case is 22-year-old Brandon Theesfeld, who is also a student at the University of Mississippi. Ally’s friends informed law enforcement that the two had a toxic relationship and that he was often emotionally abusive.

Kassidy Desnoyer was one of Ally’s sisters from the Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Mississippi. In an emotional interview, she explained that she couldn’t put the kind of person Ally was into words.

“She spent her summers going on mission trips. She cared about people and just wanted to help. She was the brightest light I’ve ever came across,” she said.

Casey Hendrickson, one of Ally’s high school friends, echoed these sentiments.

Rachel Macdonald, a college friend of Ally’s, wants the world to know how caring Ally was to all those around her.

“Always smiling, always happy. Never had a bad thing to say about literally anyone. She knew how to make everyone laugh. She knew how to make everyone feel loved. She went out of her way for anyone, whether she knew them or not.”