Hannah Palmer’s Assets Are Barely Contained In Red Swimsuit


Hannah Palmer posted a new video of herself in a red swimsuit, and it appears to be driving her Instagram fans wild.

The video included shots of Hannah from the side and front, as she played with her hair and the swimsuit. She was also spotted sipping on an energy drink, which she promoted in the captions.

The plunge swimsuit itself was a thong-cut one-piece. It was bright red with white trim, and she noted in the caption that the post had Baywatch vibes.

Thanks to the cut of the swimsuit, her chest was left exposed on the side. In addition, the plunging neckline left her cleavage exposed in the front as well.

Hannah wore her hair down in loose waves and kept her makeup simple for a natural look. You could see that she was on the beach, with high-rise buildings visible in the backdrop.

Many of her fans referenced the Baywatch comment.

“Saving the day!” joked a follower.

Someone else added, “that’s [sic] missing is the slow motion run… maybe next time.”

Others had even bigger compliments to pay.

“That’s what I’m saying! [Pamela Anderson] ain’t got nothing on you! Easily one of the sexiest girls on Instagram!” they exclaimed.

In addition, followers laid on more positive reviews of the photo.

“You are a goddess, Queen Hannah!” said an Instagram user.

Someone else suggested, “Breaking the internet.”

In addition, Palmer shared a photo of herself in the same outfit three days ago. The photo showed her facing the camera straight on as she tugged on the straps with her hands.

The model gave a huge smile as she wore her hair down. Her light blue nail polish popped in the photo, while her toned legs were noticed by a fan.

“The gap,” they simply said.

“Great suit. You wear it well,” complimented another follower.

Others noticed the background, which was a beach with a lifeguard station.

“Ok how did you manage to get everyone off the beach? You would have had to drag me off of [sic] I saw you in that bikini,” joked a fan.

Although Palmer had yet to suggest Baywatch as an inspiration for the shot, someone picked up on it.

“Can I be saved by you when I drown in LA,” they asked.

Meanwhile, international fans also added their two cents.

“There’s a reason random boys in prague talk about you geez,” noted an Instagram user.

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