Chelsea Houska Wows In Leopard-Print Lingerie & Tiny Leather Shorts: ‘They’re A Little Bad*ss’

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Chelsea Houska is wowing her fans. The Teen Mom 2 star is mostly seen in a super-casual wardrobe while chasing after her kids on the MTV series, but there’s a racier side to Chelsea. The 27-year-old has taken to her Instagram stories to share one of her more risqué outfits, although something about Chelsea always keeps things light-hearted.

Chelsea’s stories today showed her in selfie mode as she talked about her look. Fans would likely agree that there was plenty to look at. Chelsea was wowing in a lingerie camisole in sexy leopard prints that came perfectly paired. She had opted for contrasting fabrics with her tiny leather shorts, although hues from them were coordinating with the lace-piped camisole. The redhead was sending her fans a killer strappy upper and a similarly knock-out finish from the ensemble’s lower.

The mother of three kept her fans updated on everything about the look. Chelsea reminded her viewers that the leather shorts are worn for all kinds of activities, although the tone of her voice here did suggest that the shorts might spend time in bedroom moments with husband Cole DeBoer.

“They’re a little bad*ass,” Chelsea was heard saying.

Text appearing at the bottom of Chelsea’s video seemed to confirm her enthusiasm for today’s outfit.

“A MUST HAVE,” the text read.

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When it comes to showcasing merchandise on her Instagram stories, Chelsea has been busy of late. The star has been actively promoting the collaboration she and Cole have worked hard on: their partnership with retailer Itzy Ritzy now comes as a full-blown collection. The range includes adult apparel, although many items are child and baby-geared.

Chelsea herself has recently been showing the many benefits of a stroller caddy from the collection. The star took to her Instagram stories just a few days ago to let moms know just how useful she finds the accessory. Fans saw Chelsea and her kids out and about with the caddy attached to a stroller. Of course, Chelsea hadn’t headed out without her must-have Starbucks, per The Inquisitr.

Itzy Ritzy‘s website seems to show just how much effort Chelsea and Cole have put into their collaboration.

“The Chelsea + Cole Collection for Itzy Ritzy is an edgy, laid-back and uniquely designed line of everyday products for modern moms & dads. In collaboration with Itzy Ritzy, Chelsea + Cole inspired their own sets of products to reflect their individual styles.”

Fans wishing to see more of Chelsea should follow the star’s Instagram. Chelsea has 5.6 million followers.