Kara Del Toro Nearly Bursts Out Of Yellow Bikini In Sexy Snap

Charley GallayGetty Images

Maxim bombshell Kara Del Toro has been spending time in sunny Mexico and sharing countless sizzling selfies with her eager followers, and today, she gave them another sexy update.

Two days ago, Del Toro shared a gorgeous shot of herself sprawled out on the edge of a bathtub in a stunning all white bathroom. In the snap, she rocked a yellow bikini that left very little to the imagination. Apparently, she was feeling herself so much that she decided to share another shot of herself in the same look today — although the picture is a selfie rather than a snap someone else took.

In the latest picture Del Toro shared with her followers, she rocked a yellow bikini that had her cleavage on full display. The top had a unique twisted feature that stretched across a portion of her cleavage and had a keyhole detail. Her ample assets were on full display, and the bikini top could barely contain them.

The bottoms were a simple pair of yellow bikini bottoms that matched the top, and rode high on Del Toro’s hips in order to elongate her toned, tanned legs.

Del Toro’s hair was hanging down in loose, beachy waves, and she accessorized with some statement earrings and a few delicate layered gold necklaces. While most selfies are taken with a cell phone, Del Toro posed with a real camera in the shot, going old school.

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Brb moving into this bathroom ☁️

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Not as much of the bathroom was visible in this snap as in her previous photo, but what was visible was absolutely breathtaking. The counter she was leaning on was all white, the tub in the background was all white minus the gold fixture, and there were two incredible arched windows that let in plenty of natural light. Even the paint color on the walls and the window fixtures were white, and the space filled up with the light streaming through the windows. The backdrop made Del Toro’s mustard yellow bikini pop even more.

Del Toro joked in the caption about never wanting to leave the beautiful bathroom.

Her fans loved the shot, and one follower showered her with praise in the comments.

“How do you out-perfect yourself in every pic. You’d think we’d all be used to it by now, but nope lol.”

Del Toro hasn’t stated how much longer she’ll be in Mexico, so fans will have to stay tuned to her Instagram page to see what other photos she decides to share of her adventures.