July 29, 2019
Liam Hemsworth Rides The Waves, Seemingly Oblivious To Wife Miley Cyrus' Ongoing Antics

Besides acting, Liam Hemsworth loves to surf.

In a July 27 Instagram snap, the 29-year-old was seen riding the waves in a solitary action that takes place on a long board surrounded by nature. Besides the sound of rushing waters, surfing is typically a silent sport, leaving lots of time for thinking while living in the moment -- something Liam has learned to appreciate.

Hemsworth, who rose to fame in The Hunger Games movies starting in 2012, talked about his life in an IMDb quote.

"[The Hunger Games] brought up so many different questions about my own personal growth and where I was heading...before, I really felt like I had it figured out. Like, you know, it's going to be fine, I'm this person and I know what I want to be and I know where I want to go....I started double-questioning everything... why am I doing this? where is it getting me? what if I do this and then I can do this? I wasn't living in the moment."
Because of this notion of allowing himself to be present these days, Liam appears to be chill when it comes to coping with Miley Cyrus's seemingly never-ending antics. His spirited wife is typically a force to be reckoned with, but since the couple have had a decade to learn each others strengths and weaknesses, the youngest member of the Hemsworth tribe seems to be taking his partner and her proclivities in stride.The Australian hunk has weathered all kinds of public capers from his 26-year-old American wife, like her historical twerking performance in the American Music Awards in 2013 and her more recent crotch shots on Instagram that seemed to be uploaded solely for shock value.
Rumors about the pair's marriage reportedly being in peril are relentless, yet Hemsworth keeps on standing by his spouse. In good times and in bad, right?

As for Liam, this mellow surfer boy can relax and enjoy the waves for a while since he recently took off his acting after conquering his upcoming role as Kyle in Arkansas.

The film, now in post-production, was described on IMDb.

"Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin...but when a deal goes horribly wrong, the consequences are deadly."
While waiting for his next movie role to roll around, the man from Oz is taking advantage of what the ocean has to offer. His most recent Instagram post pictured the rolling sea during golden hour, a movie term that calls out the time when the sun is just about to dip out of sight until the following morning.

Indeed, everything and everybody look better during golden hour, most especially the handsome and very controlled Liam Hemsworth.