Beyoncé Rocks Ample Cleavage In A Ravishing Skintight Red Gown With Thigh High Slit

Beyoncé was ready to party on July 28 as she appeared in her best Great Gadsby attire for a family birthday party themed to encourage guests to wear what the entitled characters did in the iconic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.

Bey's gown went above and beyond the required sartorial style. For her frock, she chose red, a power color that was covered in embroidered embellishments meant to add even more oomph.

The renowned singer posed in her gown in two separate Instagram snaps, the first of which she modeled solo in the amazing dress that featured one bare shoulder. That asymmetrical look awarded this fashionista with a lot of cleavage, her left breast overflowing in the low-cut garment.

Her tiny waist was also on view thanks to the skintight nature of the fancy gown. So was her left thigh, since the ensemble was cut all the way up her leg.

Beyonce's makeup, including nude lips and matching eye shadow, was minimal. She wore her hair down and wavy, much like the style women chose in the roaring 1920s, the time period in which The Great Gatsby was set.

Contrasting that distinctive style, Bey's earrings and coordinating bracelet were nothing less than futuristic. The earrings looked like electronic ear pieces, while her arm candy looked like a two-pronged space station, possibly used with the earrings to communicate with her three children, since Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir weren't seen accompanying their parents on Saturday night.

The second shot showed Beyoncé modeling alongside Jay-Z.

Her famous rapper husband's snappy attire included a white dinner jacket with matching scarf and white button-down shirt paired with formal black pants, a black bow tie and shiny black shoes.

As a way to show Jay-Z's confident personality, the mogul leaned on a white cane while crossing his right leg over his left in a jaunty pose. His other hand was casually placed in his pocket, adding even more attitude to the memorable shot.

Meanwhile, this second Instagram image in the series of two from Beyonce was conceived as a full body shot. Bey's shoes were visible, and for good reason since those beauties were stunning. Sandal style, the stilettos rocked large tassels hanging from ankle straps.

As opposed to the other photo, the full length of Bey's gown was visible in this snap. The gorgeous garment was so long it fell into a pool of luxurious material around her famous feet.

No doubt Beyonce and Jay-Z were among the best dressed when they turned up at their relative's birthday bash, ready to party like there was no tomorrow. Rock on!