‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Paves The Way For Julian To Be In Wiley’s Life

Willow has a different perspective of Julian these days.

General Hospital star William deVry poses for a press photo.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Willow has a different perspective of Julian these days.

Willow Tait has transformed her life, as seen on General Hospital these past few weeks. Ever since she left Dawn of Day, she has been on edge and on the run from Shiloh — that is until she met Harrison Chase. Now she is confident that things are actually going to be okay. She is also extending her kindness to others, including Julian Jerome.

Julian has done whatever he could to keep his grandson safe. At first, he was at odds with Willow when he discovered she was the baby’s birth mother and that she lived in Port Charles. He originally warned her to stay away from Brad, Lucas, and Wiley. Little did he know last year that she gave up her child in order to save him from his birth father. They have both worked together since then to give Brad, Lucas, and Wiley a chance to be a family. According to a new General Hospital preview put out by ABC, Willow will be extending an olive branch to the former mobster.

Willow has changed from being a fearful school teacher into a strong and confident woman. Many have rallied around her once they found out that she was manipulated and raped by Shiloh, and was just trying to protect her child from him.

General Hospital spoilers say that she will have a change of heart about something or someone. That person is Julian. Willow was at odds with him over Wiley in the beginning, but she is now wanting him to be involved with his grandson. Of course, fans know that Wiley really isn’t his grandson. It will eventually be revealed that the baby is actually Sonny’s grandson, not Julian’s. That will certainly give something else for Sonny to rub in Julian’s face.


For now, Willow wants Julian to be involved in her son’s life, and she will head to Charlie’s on Monday to tell him that. She tells him that she now realizes that he has really changed his life and would be happy to have him be Wiley’s grandfather.

The truth about who Wiley is will affect so many people in Port Charles. Lucas and Willow will the most devastated when they learn what Brad and Nelle did last year. General Hospital fans are anxious to have the truth come out, but it will be hard to watch the devastation that Brad has caused with the baby swap.

Everyone has been doing their best to keep Wiley safe from Shiloh, but they didn’t really need to. Keep watching General Hospital this week to see if the truth will finally be revealed about Wiley.