July 28, 2019
'Jersey Shore' Star Mike Sorrentino's Wife Lauren Reveals Her 'Something New' For Their Wedding Was A Nose Job

Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino's wife had a unique "something new" for their wedding last year -- a new nose.

Lauren Sorrentino revealed this week that she had plastic surgery before the couple was married back in November, saying she wanted to look her best for the big day. Lauren opened up to fans about the plastic surgery in a post on Instagram, writing that her nose had always been one of her biggest insecurities and that it left her very unhappy. Lauren recalled that these insecurities came back as she and Mike were planning out all the details for their wedding.

"I just wasn't happy with it, simple as that," Lauren shared. "Once Mike and I began the wedding planning process I thought of every single detail, especially how we both would look in our wedding photos that we'd share and cherish forever & the thought of the profile shots just didn't sit well with what I was envisioning."

Lauren said she wanted only a small alteration so she could look like a "slightly improved version" of her old nose, and raved about how well the process went for her. She added that she feels good being open with fans about going under the knife. Lauren shared that she was happy that it is now acceptable "to talk about boob jobs" but noted that it is still more taboo to discuss work done around the facial area.

"I absolutely love my results and by sharing my experience & Dr. I'm hoping to help break the stigma and be a resource to those of you interested!" she shared.

The before-and-after shots that Lauren shared on Instagram drew a big reaction from her followers, with many praising her for opening up about it and encouraging women to be open about struggles with self-image.

Mike Sorrentino didn't get much time to enjoy his wife's new look. He was sentenced to prison in January for tax fraud after being convicted the month before their wedding, though his stay is expected to end soon. The Asbury Park Press reported that Sorrentino was expected to be released within days after serving seven months behind bars, though a federal prison consultant said he will likely first have to stay at a federal halfway house with strict rules like no partying and no drugs. Mike will likely be able to return home in a few weeks after he has completed his stay in the halfway house, the consultant added.