Amy Duggar Fires Back With Perfect Response On Whether She Would Let Her Son Play With Dolls

Amy Duggar is pregnant with her first child with husband Dillon King. They just got back home after being on their "babymoon" soaking up the sun on a Florida beach. Now she is getting ready to be a first-time mom and asking for advice from both her family and her fans. She frequently posts on social media and is certainly not afraid to speak out when she feels the need to. When asked a particular question recently, the mom-to-be impressed fans with the perfect response.

The Duggar cousin chooses to do things a little differently than the rest of her famous family, but that doesn't mean that she has turned away from them by any means. She still hangs around with them and also asks for advice from her cousins that have already been through having babies. Her fans also love it when she shares photos and video clips of her growing baby bump. A recent post that Amy Duggar shared on Instagram ended up impressing fans when she responded to someone who boldly asked her a question on gender stereotypes.

The original post was Amy asking her fans what the craziest things that their kids have brought home to them. She admitted in the caption that she loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and even little critters -- what she doesn't love are snakes and rats. She mentioned that she would freak if her son brings one of them home to her. The former reality star even channeled her inner boy mom style by posing in overalls and blue sneakers with her baby bump front and center.

There were many crazy responses to her question, but one person decided to test the 32-year-old shop owner on what she would do if her son wanted to dress up or play with dolls. As most people know, the Duggar family are known for speaking out on how they feel about homosexuality, but this was more about gender stereotypes at a young age.

Amy Duggar quickly responded to that question simply by saying, "We will love our child no matter what!"

Her fans rallied around sharing that their boys play with dolls and even let their sisters put nail polish on them, while their girls love to play with trucks in the dirt. One person did take some heat when they insinuated that boys playing with girl toys is a sin. At least that's how others took that comment to mean when it was said that God loves the sinner, but hates the sin.

Despite all of that, Amy Duggar will still love her boy whether he likes to put dolls to bed or if he rolls his trucks in the dirt pile outside. She is due to give birth to her baby boy -- a child that they have already named Daxton Ryan -- in October.