Iggy Azalea Shows Off All Her Curves As She Twerks On Stage In A G-String Bodysuit

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Iggy Azalea had plenty to show off at her recent performance at the WNBA All-Star Game, dancing on stage in a g-string bodysuit that left very little to the imagination.

The rapper performed at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas this weekend as part of the sport’s All-Star Weekend festivities. She opted for what The Daily Mail called a “skimpy ensemble” for the performance as she danced — and even twerked — on stage.

“Iggy left little to the imagination in a G-string bodysuit with a sheer black body stocking over the top,” the report noted.

The Australian rapper has had plenty of practice lately. Earlier in the week, she took to Instagram to share a short clip from the video of her new single, “F*** It Up.” In the clip, Iggy danced while wearing a bikini top and danced as background dancers struck some even racier poses.

Followers of Iggy’s Instagram page will not be surprised to see this side of the rapper. In the years since she has released a new album, Iggy has taken up something of a side career as an Instagram model, using her page to partner with fashion and swimwear brands.

For Iggy Azalea’s fans, it has been a long wait to see new music again. The rapper had a nearly five-year gap between her much-acclaimed debut in 2014 and the sophomore effort that came out this year. During that time, Iggy had a very public split with her record label and ended up forming her own label for the release of this album.

Iggy Azalea connected with Empire to actually distribute her album, but said that her new label allowed her to have full creative control. Iggy told Billboard that this was a “long awaited and monumental change in my life.” Another major benefit is that Iggy Azalea will have control of her master copies, so she will actually own her music rather than another label having control over it.

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As Iggy told Entertainment Weekly, the label allowed her to fully put herself into the new album. But there were some challenges too, with Iggy admitting that she had a lot to learn about marketing an album in a music industry that is changing rapidly.

“My last album was right before the streaming era exploded, so it’s a completely different landscape,” she shared. “There’s so much I don’t understand about marketing, but I’m having fun figuring out my own way of doing things on digital platforms. I’m enjoying it. It reminds me of the way I felt when I was making mixtapes.”