Ilhan Omar’s Republican Opponent Danielle Stella Charged With Shoplifting $2,300 Worth Of Stuff From Target

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

After finding herself on the receiving end of a series of attack tweets by Donald Trump that were widely slammed as racist, as The Inquisitr has reported, first-term Minnesota congressional rep Ilhan Omar now appears to have a Trump-supporting Republican challenger for her seat in the 2020 election.

But how serious is that challenge? Omar’s prospective opponent, Danielle Stella, says she will enter the race despite the fact that earlier this year she has twice been charged with shoplifting, according to a report by The Guardian. In fact, in one of the incidents, the 31-year-old Stella was charged with boosting a whopping $2,300 worth of merchandise from a Target store.

Despite her own arrests, Stella has made crime rates in Minneapolis a core issue of her campaign against Omar, stating in a Twitter message on Friday, “What has @IlhanMN done about the increased crime in Minneapolis? Violent crime has gone up by 80% in the past year in Minneapolis.”

Statistics cited by The Minneapolis StarTribune do not support Stella’s claim of an 80 percent year-on-year violent crime increase in Minnesota’s largest city. In fact, violent crime showed a slight decrease in 2018, though rates on certain types of crimes increased somewhat — but nowhere close to 80 percent. Homicide rose by 11 percent, while rape rose by nine percent, according to the statistics.

In January, Stella was charged with stealing 279 items with a total retail value of $2,327.97 from a Target discount department store in Edina, Minnesota, according to a StarTribune report. In the incident, the paper reported, Stella scanned about $50 worth of merchandise at a self-service checkout, and then departed the store without paying for any other items.

“I am not guilty of these crimes. In this country I am innocent until proven guilty and that is the law,” Stella said, when asked about the charges, according to The Daily Mail newspaper. “If I was guilty of crimes, I would never run for public office.”

According to the StarTribune account, when she was detained, Stella told police that she did not remember anything about the incident after she arrived at the Target store — a memory lapse she attributed to post-traumatic stress disorder.

In late April, however, Stella was busted once again, according to the StarTribune. This time, she was stopped at a grocery store in Bloomington, Minnesota, after she was spotted by a store security guard leaving without paying for about $40 worth of cat food and other supplies — again, after passing through a self-service checkout. Stella claimed that she simply forgot to pay for the grocery items, according to the report.

Stella is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump who also reportedly subscribes to the meritless internet conspiracy theory known as QAnon, as The Inquisitr reported.

The bizarre conspiracy theory claims that Trump is secretly leading a covert operation to stop a worldwide network of Satan-worshipping pedophiles comprised of leading Democrats and popular Hollywood movie stars, according to Right Wing Watch.