Madi Edwards Flaunts Curves In Sheer, Orange Lingerie


Madi Edwards shared a lingerie selfie a few days ago, and it received over 18,500 likes.

The photo showed the model wearing a neon orange lingerie set, which was sheer. This meant that she left little to the imagination, and the photo is too NSFW to share here. However, it’s available on her Instagram page.

Edwards posed for the selfie in front of a large mirror, as she stood in a luxurious bathroom. She held a bottle in her right hand, as she took the photo with her left. She popped her left hip outward, and accentuated her curves. The model also wore her hair down in a middle part, and gave a slight pout for the camera.

The lingerie set included a bra and thong-cut bottoms, with straps that rested high on her hips. She showed off her toned bod in the photo, and her fans responded positively.

“You are ridiculously attractive,” said a follower.

“You’re looking incredibly fit with beautiful abs,” another noticed.

And thanks to the sheer nature of the bra, a fan had a suggestion to make.

“Everybody hit the zoom,” they joked.

Meanwhile, other fans had different things in mind when seeing the photo.

“You remind me of when Jennifer Lawrence was hot….,” said an Instagram user.

Since posting the selfie, Madi has also shared a photo from Fiji, which had mixed reviews.

The model was spotted posing in front of a white chapel. She joked about getting married in beachwear in the captions, and predictably sported just that in the shots.

Her outfit consisted of a pink bikini, which she wore under a completely mesh pair of pants. Since the bottoms were a thong-style bikini, her derriere was on display. The top of her outfit was made of the same mesh material, and barely covered her chest.

The first photo showed Edwards with her back facing the camera. She popped her left foot while going barefoot. Her eyes were closed, as her hair fell down behind her.

On the other hand, the second photo showed the model from the front. She placed her left foot in front, and played with her hair.

“Shangri la Fiji – I got married right there in that chapel,” noted a fan, who recognized the iconic location.

But because Madi posed in front of a chapel, some of her fans were less than amused.

“Have some respect towards god,” and “Just a tad disrespectful,” were a couple of the disapproving comments.

Meanwhile, others seemed to take Madi’s side.

“I’m atheist,” declared a follower.