Meghan Markle’s Brother Thomas Launches A Fresh Attack And References Princess Diana

Peter NichollsGetty Images

Duchess Meghan and her brother, Thomas Markle Jr. are still estranged, but that isn’t stopping him from weighing in on her life with a new baby and the royal family.

According to the Daily Express, Markle is once again chastising his half-sister and urging her to mend fences with their father. But now, the duchess’ brother is bringing Prince Harry’s deceased mother into the mix, saying that Princess Diana would be upset that Meghan Markle is out of touch with her family. He added that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles should “force” the Duchess of Sussex to rebuild a relationship with the Markle side of the family.

The duchess’ brother also complained about his sister’s privileged lifestyle and how she has “disappointed” the British taxpayers with her renovations on Frogmore Cottage. Markle added that if their father dies and Duchess Meghan has not mended their relationship, she will always carry that burden.

The Duchess of Sussex has reportedly not spoken to her father since before the royal wedding when he backed out of walking her down the aisle and then sold interviews to the tabloids. Duchess Meghan wrote an open letter to her father saying, “Your actions have broken my heart into a million pieces.”

The half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex suspects that the next relationship to go will be between Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland.

“Doria gets to visit Meghan a day here and day there, that’s about it. I think that’s probably the next relationship that’s going to fall off the map. I think Princess Diana would have talked some sense into Harry, not Meghan.”

The junior Markle commented that Princess Diana was an amazing human being and a true humanitarian. He added that she would “never ever even consider doing things like what Meghan has done to her own family.”

Markle Jr. continues to blame everything on Duchess Meghan, suggesting that she makes believe she doesn’t have a family.

The Inquisitr reported in May that Thomas Markle Jr. had complained that everything that had gone wrong in his life was his sister Meghan’s fault.

Markle said that he lost his job and is now homeless, thanks to all of the unwanted media attention thrust upon his family because of Duchess Meghan’s position in the royal family. What Markle didn’t mention was his arrests for drunken driving and domestic violence which reportedly led to his losing his job. He did, however, explain that he has been forced to live in a hotel room with his fiancee, her son, and their dogs.