Miley Cyrus Duets With Mason Ramsey On Lil Nas X’s Country Western Tune Changed Up By RM From K-Pop Group BTS

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Multi-talented Miley Cyrus popped up on Instagram to sing with Mason Ramsey. The 25-year-old country-pop star sounded astounding as she pitched her pipes in tandem with those of 12-year-old Mason, also known as Lil Hank Williams.

“Old Town Road,” the chosen song for the duet for these two rabble-rousers, certainly complimented their equally strong voices and their very distinctive twangs. Lil Nas X’s chart-topper, which has featured Mason as well as Billy Ray Cyrus, has been remixed again as a new anthem for Lil Nas X and RM from Korean pop group BTS.

The fresh offering was released as “Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix).”

Talk about a curious collaboration that twists some of the original lyrics, as discussed by E Online.

“Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the Seoul town road/

I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more

I’m gonna take my horse to the Seoul town road/

I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more/Kio, Kio.”

Meanwhile, Miley and Mason stuck to the original lyrics of the familiar song. The word “old” was replaced by “Seoul” as the Georgian joined his Asian colleague. Not a big difference, but definitely a revealing change in honor of South Korea’s BTS group member RM.

As the American version was taken on by Miley and Mason, the pair wore Western hats to belie their country roots. The pair were apparently singing in a dressing room of some sort.

These days, Mason has been super busy. After his Lil Was X remix of the song he and Miley sang took place, the YouTube star revealed his own EP, called Twang. The collection includes five songs, all devoted to country music sounds, stated Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, as Miley spend time with Mason, she also kidded him, saying they two were going to the old town road with the “Wrecking Ball” singer driving since Mason “can’t drive yet.”

Mason came into prominence when he made a commotion in a Wal-Mart last year. In fact, unaccompanied, the lad yodeled his way into a career that a included a highly-praised Coachella performance in 2018.

After that, Mason yodeled on the Ellen Show, getting Degeneres’ approval, which meant a lot to the up-and-coming warbler. Now, the preteen seems to have captured Miley Cyrus’ heart given the pair hung out together on July 27, obviously enjoying matching their strong voices intertwined with one another.

“Old Town Road” remains country music’s no. 1 hit, with the Atlanta rapper who created it constantly remixing the song, states Spin.