Heidi Klum Wiggles Her Firm Butt Through A Hole In Her Skirt In A Provocative Instagram Post

Clever Heidi Klum isn't afraid to shake a little tail, especially if her lingerie gets noticed in the process. The model-mogul was wearing a pair of her underwear from the Heidi Klum Intimates collection, that would not have been seen save for what seemed to be a purposely cut hole in the top of her skirt.

The precise triangle cutout in the thin floral garment meant that Heidi's peach thong was in full view -- and she knew it. In fact, the statuesque celebrity did a little dance that included a very vivid butt wiggle, while appearing on Instagram to show off her odd look.

As she danced, she wore a green-and-beige striped sweater. Her blond hair was down and bopping to the music as she did her thing.

The result was a sexy dance made into a sexy Instagram video that seemed to please a number of onlookers. She even added a bit of subtle twerking to get as many viewers as she could to keep on watching.

One of the more than 1 million followers who liked Heidi's new clip also commented on her newest post, uploaded about seven hours before this writing.

"bootylicious‼️," one said, while another wrote, "Really?"

"Marshmallows," was another one-word comment, that came with an emoji of a peach.

Meanwhile, a number of the onlookers asked her how old she is. Klum is 46-years-old.

This question may have come up because Heidi looked and acted a lot younger on the social media platform. In fact, if you had to guess her age, you would probably guess much lower than the age this celebrity actually is. Klum first earned supermodel status after appearing on the cover of the 1998 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

Earlier this week, Heidi appeared on social media in an even more provocative situation than in today's video, as The Inquisitr reported.

On July 23, the supermodel was half nude as she reclined on a lounger, soaking up the sun as she worked on her wedding list. Yes, she already married German rocker Tom Kraulitz earlier this year, but the couple were so understated about when and how they secretly wed that they want a do-over. Thus, an Italian destination wedding idea was born.

Stay tuned for more Heidi Klum Instagram and second wedding updates. All are worthwhile since this is one bride who will show off her amazing body in clothes or not, depending on the circumstances and her mood at any given time.

Who knows? Heidi may even cut another hole in the next ensemble for which she is featured.