Obama Administration Accused Of Calling A Young Female Reporter Nasty Names

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The Obama administration has been accused using some very vulgar terms to describe a young female reporter. Frequent MSNBC contributor Jonathan Alter voiced the allegations while discussing Robert Gibbs supposedly uninviting him to a White House press corps dinner.

Jonathan Alter maintains that a young female reporter was called a b***h, c**t, a**h**e during Barack Obama’s 2008 White House campaign. The veteran journalist also claims that he had the young reported ask some important and tough questions about a possible Obama Cabinet secretary, The Blaze notes.

Alter had this to say about the young female reporter allegedly being referred to in a vulgar manner:

“She was doing her job and they were trying to bully her. In an email they called her the vilest names.”

The MSNBC contributor also maintains that when he complained about the alleged reporter name-calling, he faced “hemming and hawing” and nothing really happened after the supposed incident was reportedly looked into.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bob Woodward sparked controversy when leveling similar claims of admonishment and retribution against the Obama administration.

The president’s press office is more “skilled and disciplined” at manipulating the narrative than another other in history, according to the New York Post. Although the Obama administration may be very social media savvy when trying to get their message out, professional journalists have always had the ability to ask tough questions and offer scathing commentaries.

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Pushing the blame for the Obama-friendly media entirely on the supposed horrible treatment of dogged journalists is somewhat disingenuous. Choosing such venues may have prevented a Bill O’Reilly style interview but did not negate the ability of journalists to write an honest critique of speech claims and policy initiatives.

Many members of the media need only look in the mirror when searching for a culprit in the literary love-fest. If fear of being uninvited to a dinner or being moved from the front row during a press briefing guides the fingers on the keyboard, then the journalist is not representing the media industry with any measure of integrity.

If the Obama administration is flexing their muscles to pressure the media more adeptly than other Oval Office holders, it took far too long for the information to come to light. I did not vote for President Obama and firmly feel he is taking the country in the wrong direction, but it would be unfair to place all of the blame for the lack of hard reporting at his feet.

The monopoly of fluff pieces and warm and fuzzy coverage of President Obama’s initiatives could not have happened without the complicity of those taking notes during press briefings and covering the campaign. The power of the pen may be a cliché phrase, but it still applies. Many conservative political commentators took the president to task for consenting to primarily soft news venues prior to the election.

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If claims that the Obama administration bullied a young female reporter and called her vile slurs, that is, of course, very unprofessional behavior. But even if Bob Woodward and Jonathan Alter’s allegations are 100 percent accurate, a bully is only successful if the intended target is willing to remain a victim.

What do you think of the relationship between President Obama and the media?