Donald Trump Slammed As ‘Putrid Stain On History Of This Country,’ Also ‘Moron,’ By Democratic Strategist

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On Saturday morning, Donald Trump posted a series of tweets attacking Maryland House Democratic rep Elijah Cummings and the district he represents — including the city of Baltimore — as “rat and rodent infested.” The tweets were widely condemned as racist, with some critics noting, as The Inquisitr documented, that Trump has used the word “infested,” which generally refers to rats, insects, and other vermin, only when attacking people of color.

Don Calloway, a leading Democratic strategist and voting-rights advocate, took the blowback to Trump’s tweets attacking Cummings a step further after he appeared on the MSNBC cable news network with anchor Kendis Gibson. As Raw Story reported, Calloway, the founder of the non-partisan National Voter Protection Action Fund, warned against the tendency to “normalize” Trump’s words and actions by failing to describe him as, in Calloway’s terms, “a despicable racist.”

But Calloway did not stop there, noting the difficulty in describing Trump by using “high minded intellectual terms.”

“There are none,” he said. “He’s a moron. There’s nothing intellectual about him.”

In order to best understand Trump, according to Calloway, 39, political commentators must first understand that Trump is “an outlier, and he’s a putrid stain on the history of this country. You have to continue to make that case to contextualize him correctly.”

Elijah Cummings raises his gavel.
Maryland rep Elijah Cummings was the taregt of a Trump Twitter rant that was immediately slammed widely as "racist."Featured image credit: Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Reactions to Trump’s tweets came in from across the political spectrum on Saturday, including unexpectedly from the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by billionaire media mogul and Trump ally Rupert Murdoch. Legal reporter Jack Newsham pointed out via his Twitter feed on Saturday that the WSJ has recently shifted its editorial policy in order to refer to Trump’s tweets as “racist.” Newsham added that the paper has been blunt in its description of Trump’s tweets.

“Not ‘allegedly.’ Not ‘opponents say.’ Just, these are racist,” Newsham wrote.

Former Republican governor of Massachusetts William Weld, who is running a long-shot campaign in the Republican primaries against Trump, also condemned Trump as “an unhinged racist” in an MSNBC interview posted online by the video site Daily Motion.

While Trump’s racist tweets appear to be spontaneous, and often straightforward reactions to segments Trump has watched only minutes earlier on the Fox News cable channel, as The Inquisitr reported, his 2020 campaign advisers have reportedly encouraged him to continue, seeing such tweets as a message that could win over voters that Trump will need to win re-election.

According to a Washington Post report on Saturday, Trump’s advisers have concluded that the “overall message” of Trump’s Twitter attacks is “good for the president among his political base — resonating strongly with the white working-class voters.”