July 27, 2019
Camila Coelho Strikes A Flirty Pose In A Bright Blue Swimsuit

Camila Coelho shared a new swimsuit pic with her fans earlier today, and it showed her sitting at the beach. Camila struck a flirty pose, as she placed her hands on her right calf and looked over her right shoulder. She smiled widely in the shot, rocking a very large summer hat that caught many of her fans' attention.

"That hat is evvvverything [sic] /great sun protection," admired a follower, while many others also noted how much they love the hat.

The hat was certainly eye-catching, being so large that the back of it draped over the top of her back. The front of the hat was curled back, however, so her face was not obscured.

Coelho's swimsuit, on the other hand, was a one-piece. It was bright blue with white, horizontal stripes throughout. The chest portion was structured, with an oval cut-out in the front center. The swimsuit also had a cutout on the sides and on her back, so although it was a one-piece, it still allowed her to flaunt her toned body.

"This picture is insane," declared a fan in response to the photo, while someone else said, "Aww you are so GORGEOUS."

Meanwhile, others were busy responding to Camila's question for them in the captions. She wanted to know if people preferred the beach or the pool. While many people voted for either option, there were some that gave detailed answers.

"Beach outside the US, pool in the US," admitted an Instagram user, while someone else noted, "Both/It depends on the mood."

Also worth noting was Camila's post from yesterday, which was a video of her dancing in the same outfit at the beach. She laughed as she busted out a couple of dance moves.

The beach that Coelho was at, appeared to be fairly deserted. There was nobody else visible behind her in the short clip, and only her footsteps appeared to be on the sand. Perhaps it was due to the weather, as there was no sunshine, just cloud cover.

"Beautiful angel," commented Janice Joostema, a fellow model.

"You are the cutest," gushed another fan, while someone added, "Stunner/love the suit!!!"

And just like Camila's post from today, the hat received a ton of attention.

"Ohh [sic] my god forever 21 had a huge hat like that and my daughter wants it so bad. Lol," revealed a fan.

Others weren't so sure about the hat.

"Everyone loves this ridiculous hat. Except me," they said.