Jenelle Evans Asks Twitter Followers 'Not To Be So Negative'

It was roughly 10 hours ago that Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans took to Twitter to ask her 1.4 million followers at what age did they think a child was too old for birthday parties. In her tweet, Evans proceeded to clarify that it was a "serious question," as she wanted to know what her followers thought.

Unfortunately for Jenelle, her tweet was not met with the helpful feedback and opinions she had hoped for when she posted it. Instead, many took to the comments to slam the former MTV star for thinking it was alright for her to deny any of her children a birthday party.

"Sounds like you don't want Marissa to have a party? You guys can put the pipe down for a few hours so she can have a party you cheapskate! Birthday parties never end. Still going for my MIL at 60yrs. Throw her a d*** party as if it were for you. She deserves it after everything," one irate follower penned in the comments.

A second Twitter user questioned if this was Jenelle's way of revealing she couldn't afford a birthday party before adding that her children were still young enough to really enjoy them.

Many were quick to slam Jenelle as a "terrible mother" for asking the question, as they felt she was just trying to get out of having to throw her children a birthday party.

An hour ago, Evans clapped back at those trolling the comment of her previous tweet by following up with an explanation for her question in a secondary tweet.

In her follow-up tweet, Evans explained that her mother told her she was too old for birthday parties at the age of 12. Not wanting to approach parenting the same way her mother raised her, she was looking for the advice of her followers.

The Teen Mom 2 alum ended her tweet by criticizing her followers for approaching her with such negativity.

In her secondary tweet, Jenelle was met with some kindness, as one Twitter user noted that a lot of people seem to forget to take Evans' childhood into consideration before judging her.

The love and support was few and far between as many Twitter users quickly took to the comments to slam Evans again by noting that her idea of a party at the age of 12 consisted of drugs.

"We all know you were out getting high at age 12 and fighting with Barbs everytime she told you what to do," another Twitter user added.

Many took issue with Jenelle spending so much time on social media. Some suggested getting off Twitter and spending time with her children instead.