July 27, 2019
Sara Underwood Spills Out Of Blue Bikini, Blows A Kiss

Former Playboy model and Playmate Sara Underwood shared another sizzling selfie in a skimpy Fashion Nova outfit. And, as always, she managed to find an absolutely breathtaking location to pose in.

In the snap, Underwood rocked an unusual bikini top that had short sleeves. She included the name of the two-piece swimsuit in the caption so that fans could buy their own if they liked it. Though the top had short sleeves, there was still plenty of skin on display and Underwood's cleavage was nearly falling out of the low-cut neckline. The simple blue bottoms matched the top perfectly and stretched high on her hips to expose her toned legs.

Underwood posed after wading into a body of water until the crystal clear water came to mid-thigh. There was a scenic waterfall in the background, crashing down over a series of rocks in a truly breathtaking scene. Underwood had her hair loose and opted to blow a kiss at the camera. Underwood mentioned in the caption that she'd have to capture a video next time she found herself at the particular location where she got the picture because a simple still photo simply didn't do it justice. Her fans were drooling over the sexy shot, which received over 73,500 likes in just three hours.

Underwood has done a lot of work with the online retailer Fashion Nova recently. While she occasionally shares selfies where she dons her own clothing, she's shared a large volume of snaps where she's showcasing some of Fashion Nova's pieces on her curvy physique. She seems to take her role as a #Nova Babe seriously and makes sure she includes the names of the pieces she wears in the caption whenever possible.

Her fans loved the snap and showered her with compliments in the comments section.

"Beautiful in blue," one fan said.

Another couldn't get enough of the outfit Underwood was rocking

"LOVE THAT GORGEOUS swimsuit. You make it Look Great. KISSES COMING YOUR WAY!"

Underwood's account is a must-follow on Instagram if you're a nature lover, not just if you enjoy seeing a stunning woman in a variety of skimpy outfits. She takes plenty of snaps in or around the cabins she's building with her partner Jacob Witzling in the Pacific Northwest. However, she also seems to be constantly on the hunt for new, exciting locations to take pictures in. Her feed is filled with scenic locations that could take anyone's breath away.