July 27, 2019
Dua Lipa Rocks Purple Lingerie

Dua Lipa greeted her fans this morning with a selfie, and she was spotted only wearing purple lingerie. She stood in the middle of a luxurious bathroom, facing a large, gold-trimmed mirror. Lipa stood with her left hand in the air with the phone, while she casually brushed her teeth with her right. Above her was a small chandelier-style light, with a walk-in shower to her right. The photo was geotagged in Florence, Italy.

Lipa was slated to play a show with Andrea Bocelli in Florence, hence her location. However, she later revealed that the show was canceled due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, her fans flooded the comments section with their compliments, keeping in mind that Lipa's caption simply stated, "gmorning."

"I saw this photo the moment I woke up," said a fan.

"Wow I look like a goblin in the morning when I wake up," another joked.

"I'm glad you're setting a good example. Everyone should brush their teeth in the morning," said another, who seemed to be one of the few followers that noticed Dua was brushing her teeth in the shot.

"Thats a big mirror in a bathroom wtf," responded another fan.

"DUA F**KING LIPA WHAT ARE U DOING TO ME HUH?????" another fan exclaimed.

Later on in the day, Lipa posted a second photo, which revealed the sad news about her show with Bocelli. However, the singer tried to make the best of her night anyway. She shared a series of four photos that showed her rocking a dramatic dress, which she had reserved for the show. It had black, ruffled accents at the top which billowed out, while the skirt portion was made up of white, flowy fabric. There was no lack of volume or wow-factor.

Many of Dua's fans commented with their sadness at hearing the news.

"K but reschedule and then I'm coming," noted Gigi Hadid, a famous model.

"Mercury retrograde!!!" said another fan.

Others reached out to Dua in hopes of helping one of her fans connect with the singer, despite the cancelled show.

"There was a fan on twitter called natasha, [sic] she came all the way just to see you, can you please meet her? I felt really sad for her," they asked.

Although it didn't look like the fan named Natasha was able to meet Lipa, she stopped by to thank people for leaving the comment for the singer.