July 27, 2019
'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Breaks A Record, Features Classic Los Angeles Landmarks

After much anticipation, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood bowed in theaters across the country on July 26. The overnight box office numbers broke a record for Quentin Tarantino, according to Deadline.

Of all nine movies this hot director -- called "auteurish" by the source -- has made, his most recent film brought a whopping $41 million on opening day. That made Tarantino's Hollywood romp his best domestic debut of any of his movies.

"What does Tarantino sell? He sells fun, originality, riveting violent action and razor sharp performances in clear-cut genre set-ups (the old West, WWII and here 1969 Hollywood)."
As for the latter "set-up," old Hollywood, circa 1969, shows ups in real life landmarks for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

For starters, the Cinerama Dome, a favorite location site for Quentin Tarantino's work, is seen a number of times in the film starring Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie.

The storied theater complex, designed as a striking white geodesic dome with 316 hexagons, bowed in 1963 with It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

In Tarantino's new flick, a disaster film by Maximilian Schell called Krakatoa, East of Java is on the marquee. The remarkable movie theater is also seen during a striking montage which features other Los Angeles landmarks, such as "Musso and Frank, El Coyote, Chili John's and a period-specific Taco Bell," states LA Curbed.

The renowned Cinerama Dome movie theatre in Hollywood, California,
Getty Images | Hulton Archive

Musso and Frank's is a major player in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Leo's character, Rick Dalton, meets his new agent in this hallowed haunt. Al Pacino, who plays the agent, gets serious about Rick's career while Brad's character, Cliff Booth, get blitzed at the bar.

The old Hollywood restaurant is a place where movers and shakers have made big deals in 2019 as these heavyweights have done since 1923, according to Los Angeles Magazine.

"Still going strong, the restaurant has been a destination for some of Hollywood's biggest names, including Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles, and still hosts the likes of Tarantino and Keith Richards."
Meanwhile, El Coyote takes locals and the world back to the time of Sharon Tate's killing by the Manson cult when the laid-back Mexican restaurant with its festive waitresses in traditional costumes became the place where "Sharon and friends Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski ate their last meal."

The Frolic Room was also in the film. This dive bar was a major player in 1969 as it is now, reigning over the Hollywood Walk of Fame for decades.

The Los Angeles landmark began as a speakeasy in 1969, according to Totally-LA.

Ever since prohibition, this legendary hangout has been the chosen scene of sightseers, residents like poet Charles Bukowski, and other films, including LA Confidential and The Black Dahlia. This was also the scene of doorman Gerald Thomas Andersen's mysterious death in 2010.

Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, featuring a slew of Los Angeles hot spots, is in theaters now.